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  1. handfiler

    No rear air

    The vents in the console are for A/C only. Heat to the rear passenger area is provided by ducts under the front seats. The information is in the HVAC section of the owners manual.
  2. handfiler

    Mustang Mach-E First Edition Reservation Facts

    Everyone has an opinion. I like it.
  3. handfiler

    anyone here have a 2020 4cyl?

    You were comparing the performance of your 3.7 MKX to the 2.0 Fusion, not the Edge. Here are the real numbers: 2013 Fusion Titanium 2.0 FWD - 3427 lbs. 2013 Fusion Titanium 2.0 AWD - 3681 lbs. 2016 Lincoln MKX 3.7 FWD - 4168 lbs. 2016 Lincoln MXX 3.7 AWD - 4387 lbs.
  4. handfiler

    anyone here have a 2020 4cyl?

    And which one weighs 900 pounds more?
  5. handfiler

    Diamond cut over OEM rims

    Big improvement IMHO! 👍
  6. Agree with this but found your response to onyxbfly somewhat odd. You almost seem irritated........😂
  7. If you are referring to your first post in this thread, you alluded to a possible option in Forscan. If you provided more complete information to a similar query earlier then a link would have been nice. A third possibility that it's just one of your typical irritable responses.
  8. My Nautilus doesn't have it either. I had it on 2 previous vehicles and I miss this feature a lot. It was quite useful when backing into my garage which has a fairly steep incline. The 360* camera view is nice but not nearly as confidence inspiring as good old fashioned side view mirrors.
  9. handfiler

    Ventilated/Heated Front Seat Backs

    On the Nautilus they did away with the TED's and went with conventional heating elements for the heat and a fan for ventilation. I suspect the Edge would have switched to this system now. The flow to my seat backs in ventilation mode isn't very noticeable either. The heating function works great though.
  10. handfiler

    Cone filter/Cold Air intake

    I'd stick with the factory or a quality aftermarket paper filter like Wix if longevity is a concern.
  11. handfiler

    Cone filter/Cold Air intake

    Spent some time researching the web on the Dry Flow filter and I'll stick with the factory paper filter. Not so much of a concern with my Mustang which has significant performance enhancements and doesn't see gravel roads or operation in dusty conditions. "Bob Is The Oil Guy" is an excellent resource for this type of information. Here is a flow vs filtration test : ISO_5011_Test_Report_for_AFE_ProDry_75-80882.pdf
  12. handfiler

    Cone filter/Cold Air intake

    Thanks for the clarification. I run a large conical dry flow on my Mustang. It made just north of 680 HP on a Dynojet so you know they can flow some air!
  13. handfiler

    Cone filter/Cold Air intake

    Do you have a part #? No dry filter listing on their website, just oiled.
  14. handfiler

    New/Used Vehicle To Keep Miles Down On The ST

    I enjoy looking at my salt free Nautilus every time I walk into the garage and look forward to driving it as soon as spring arrives.