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  1. handfiler

    How long did your original battery last?

    9 years and counting on the Mustang. Replaced the original battery in my 2010 Malibu last fall. It still functioned fine but it started leaking around the positive post. The Lincoln and the Mustang go on the Battery Tender if they sit for more than a few days. Neither see extreme heat or cold. The Malibu is parked outside year round and sees -35 to 35C temperatures (-31 - 95F) I think they cash out sooner in warmer climates.
  2. handfiler

    Ford Edge AC Recarching Problem

    Red Tec 12a is a propane based R12/R134 substitute that operates at a lower head pressure. They sell it up here to do-it-yourselfers because the proper refrigerants are only sold to and dispensed by licensed AC service people. As you mentioned, taking it to a qualified professional is the correct thing to do.
  3. handfiler

    Start Stop Disable

    Since installing the Autostop eliminator I have forgotten its there.
  4. handfiler

    Can't get the spark plug coil connector seated back in??

    Never had an issue when doing plugs on my Mustang. You didn't mention what year and model which is a useful starting point but here's a link for replacement connectors that fit most Fords from 2011 and up: Coil Connector
  5. A nice phone for the price but no card slot is a no go for those with an aversion to cloud storage. 64 GB doesn't work for me.
  6. handfiler

    Pirelli - P Zero - 265/40ZR21 - 4 - OEM New Takeoffs - $750.00

    29 pounds according to Tire Rack.
  7. handfiler

    Great at first, now wishing for more

    No. Also have no clue as to where you live so cant tell you if its heat related. Turbocharged engines make less power when it gets hot out.
  8. Canadian auto scribe David Booth's thoughts on this. Motor Mouth: The future of the Ford Edge
  9. handfiler

    Direct Injection and Carbon Buildup

    I've been pondering a methanol injection kit for my Mustang to help with reducing the charge air temperatures. It also has some serious cleaning benefits for GDI engines. I should consider it for my Lincoln too. I'm surprised it hasn't gained more traction. Methanol Injection
  10. handfiler

    Direct Injection and Carbon Buildup

    Mine should look like new then.
  11. .....Ford Canada poured cold water on the report, telling CBC News that the "Edge and the five-passenger midsize SUV segment remain a critical part of Ford's winning portfolio." We have no plans to exit the segment," spokesperson Lauren More said." Union concerned about Oakville Ford plant's future after report suggests automaker may scrap Edge SUV
  12. I think its more about Ford looking for a government handout to keep the plant open. It will turn out to be a typical Jerry Dias shit show between Ford and Unifor and the Canadian taxpayers will be left on the hook as always happens.
  13. Ford plans to cancel its next-generation Edge crossover
  14. handfiler

    Long Term Carbon Build Up?

    In the winter months that extra amount is condensed water vapor.