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  1. No problems accessing it just now with Firefox or Edge.
  2. handfiler

    Turbo replacement at home.

    Always satisfying when you do the work yourself and it all works out in the end.
  3. handfiler

    Wives and girlfriends....

    Niceonept mistakenly thought Claude's garage was in the US. We corrected him. So yes technically speaking it is in North America but more importantly it is in the greatest of all countries Canada!
  4. handfiler

    Wives and girlfriends....

    I'm fairly certain that garage is in Quebec, Canada.
  5. handfiler

    Just got my 2nd Edge because I loved my first.

    Welcome to the forum Dr Steve.
  6. Hey there TT Steve, Welcome to the forum. Pretty sweltering hot here in the eastern Canadian prairie as well.
  7. handfiler

    New California Smog Law Starting July 19, 2021

    I don't have direct knowledge but I have stayed at a Holiday Express Inn on a few occasions.
  8. handfiler

    New California Smog Law Starting July 19, 2021

    Ford can tell exactly how many times the PCM was flashed and when it was flashed. I don't know if CARB has that capability. I don't think that would be their mandate. They are probably only interested in what is flashed on the PCM at the time of testing but pure speculation on my part. Thankfully it's a non issue where I live.
  9. handfiler

    New California Smog Law Starting July 19, 2021

    It depends on the level of modifications really. If you have installed an aftermarket supercharger for example, the answer would be no. If it's a tune file installed on a vehicle with no (or minimal) modifications then it's not an issue. Just like my X4 programmer does, the CARB test facility will be able to read what tune file is installed. It's all available by plugging into the diagnostic port.
  10. Lol. My 2012 Mustang still has the original map software installed for that reason. The original Sync version, what a piece of work it is. Most of the time I leave it off and just listen to the sweet sounds of the V8. It doesn't get much use right now though. Me, the car and the garage AC don't do well in this oppressive never ending heat wave.
  11. Fair enough. I don't use the navigation all that often either. I use it primarily to interface with an AA compatible phone app.
  12. Android Auto with Google maps has yet to fail me in 4 years of use. Always up to date and intuitive menus. Have you tried it or Car Play? To make the experience even more seamless I have one of these on order: AA Wireless
  13. handfiler

    Titanium ST ???

    I would have seriously considered a Titanium had the 2.7 and the adaptive suspension been an available option group. On the other hand that would have brought it too close to the Nautilus price range.
  14. handfiler

    What oil do you all recommend or use?

    It has a more robust additive package tailored for higher performance motors. The regular Platinum is more than adequate for your application.
  15. handfiler

    What oil do you all recommend or use?

    Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W-30 in the 2.7 Ecoboost Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 0W-40 in the 5.0 Coyote Pennzoil Platinum in 5W-30 in the 2.4 Malibu, lawnmower, snow thrower etc. Good products and always readily available and on sale in this area. In the past I used Amsoil Signature Series oil which is also a very good product. Boutique pricing and availability are the main detractors.