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  1. handfiler

    20" Chrome Clad rims for sale

    Second from the bottom on the main page. Classifieds
  2. handfiler

    The Ultimate 2.7TT Aftermarket Parts Thread!

    Is "JC Performance Development " a secret club? A web search turns up zilch.
  3. handfiler

    2020 ST snow/ice

    Those tires are rated for temperatures above 7 degrees celcius (45 F). They are down right dangerous at temperature below freezing.
  4. It cant hurt at this point in time. Give it a go and let us know if it helps. WD40 is low enough in viscocity so wont be a problem in colder climates. -30C here tonight
  5. handfiler

    Coming Soon....

    The OP referred to it as a:
  6. handfiler

    Solar BA9 battery Tester

    It's the original battery. No idea what the replacement cost is.
  7. handfiler

    Solar BA9 battery Tester

    I went by the label on the battery.
  8. handfiler

    Solar BA9 battery Tester

    It's less than 5% over the rating so well within manufacturing tolerances. The Mustang battery as old as it is is only 5% under spec. I think it's fair to say that low usage, favourable climate conditions and a maintenance charger are key to it's longevity.
  9. Just received it this morning from Amazon. It can test AGMF, AGMS, Conventional, Gel and Deep Cycle batteries. It also does starting and charging system tests. I tested it out on my Mustang which has the original 11+ year old battery rated at 590 CCA. It tested at 558 CCA (OK) Then I gave it a try on the Nautilus which has a 800 CCA rating. It tested at 839 CCA (OK). With 3 cars and a motorcycle I figured its a good investmet at $55. SOLAR Digital 12V Battery and System Tester
  10. handfiler

    Replacement gas filled hood struts ?

    I installed the Redline strut kit on my Mustang in 2011. They're still working great.
  11. handfiler

    Replacement gas filled hood struts ?

    $34 each at Autozone. $28 - $30 at most online Ford parts websites. I typically buy from my local Ford dealer. They always match the online pricing. The reviews for the Autozone struts were less than favourable.
  12. "We tested the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition, and it reached 60 mph in 3.7 seconds on its way to a 12.7-second quarter-mile at 101 mph. It was 1.2 seconds quicker to 60 mph and 0.9 second quicker through the quarter-mile than the standard Mustang Mach-E we tested, but the GT Performance recorded a lower trap speed. We noticed that the GT Performance started to severely limit power after about 80 mph, and was actually 2.1 seconds slower to reach 110 mph than a lesser Mach-E 4X." Mach-e 0-60 @ 1/4 Mile Times So basically unleash a bunch of current instantaneously and then dial it back down gradually. To make it feel fast in daily driving and maybe occasional 1/8 mile stuff. Quicker than my Nautilus, slower than my Mustang. Might be an option when I consolidate my vehicles down to one...................when I turn 80.
  13. Ironically I was at the optometrist yesterday getting a new prescription πŸ˜‚
  14. Glad to hear they were able to locate one for you πŸ‘.