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  1. handfiler

    Can Instrument Cluster Screens Be Updated?

    Ford already does that to maintain their competitive edge over FCA products.
  2. You're not the exception but you are definitely in the minority. I have a copy on all devices and refer to it quite often.
  3. Nice! I'll post some pictures of my harness after I do the install.
  4. handfiler

    Tire pressure monitoring

    You can if you have the Ford Pass app installed on your phone.
  5. Thanks for providing the schematic. I ended up ordering this: Cable Adapter Kit Mini USB 3.5 Meters DC 12V to 5V Power Inverter Converter Regulator
  6. Curiosity (and thirst) got the better of me so I came into the garage to confirm if the Dongar adapter is compatible. Bad news, the current mirror plug / receptacle connection is a 5 pin configuration.
  7. I pried it off with my finger tips. Newer vehicles no longer use the flimsy easily breakable stems on trim. I'll take a look on the weekend and confirm. That Dongar piece is some nasty looking. I think I'll just make my own fused step down harness and tap into a 12 volt source. If I come across an alternative to that Dongar adapter, I'll report back.
  8. Thanks for the video enigma-2 👍 Different shape on the Nautilus but same access and wiring color code as the F-150. Literally a 5 second job to remove the cover.
  9. Ordered up a dash cam today for the Nautilus and will be looking to tap into a power source in that area as well.
  10. handfiler

    New(er) 2018 Edge Titanium

    Welcome to the forum Walt. Good choice all around, especially the color. 👍
  11. handfiler


    Bonjour Dany from Quebéc. Welcome to the forum.
  12. handfiler

    Alot of oil in Air charge tube 2017 2.0

    You should not be getting that smell. It indicates there may be a problem with the PVC system. I cant explain why but I think your catch can setup might be the source of your ongoing problems.
  13. handfiler

    Bad Gas Odor

    If the pressure in the PCV system is exceeding 25 psi you would be having serious issues. I think it was more of a "lowest cost hose available" problem.
  14. handfiler

    New Edge with 20" wheels, ride sucks HELP

    As much as I don't like the factory installed Cross Contact LX Sport tires, they have less than 3,000km of use. So it's not a high priority right now. I just like planning things well in advance. 😁
  15. handfiler

    2020 Edge ST radio swap

    I converted my media library to FLAC format years ago using Media Monkey for windows. I use the Media Monkey app and Android Auto for playback in the car. I haven't played a CD in years. No need to.