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  1. handfiler

    Do I need rust protection to move to Canada?

    I bought a 1969 Ford Galaxy when it was 10 years old at the time. It was meticulously maintained, still had the clear plastic seat covers on the seats. It also had Ziebart undercoating applied when new. Over the course of the 2 years that I owned it I watched that car dissolve before my eyes. I would not recommend that product to anyone.
  2. handfiler

    Auto Stop Start

    2012 Mustang battery in it's 12th year and still going strong. 2019 Lincoln battery also original. Both get load tested in the spring and fall. Both still in spec. 2010 Malibu original battery replaced in 2020 due to leakage at positive post. It still passed a load test. I must have horse shoes up my sphincter.
  3. handfiler

    AFE 2.5” Vulcan downpipe back exhaust

  4. I would just copy the music to a thumb drive and use that. I didn't know MP3 players were still a thing. Smart phones pretty much rendered them obsolete.
  5. handfiler

    Edge replacement

    That someone is entirely out to lunch.
  6. handfiler

    AFE GT Momentum CAI

    Nice! I talked to Torrie about tuning my Nautilus and came so close to pulling the trigger on a tune. Opted out but had him do a tune file for my other car instead. He's good at his craft.
  7. handfiler

    AFE GT Momentum CAI

    I like it. Butt dyno indicates slightly more power at 4,000 rpm and beyond.
  8. handfiler

    AFE GT Momentum CAI

    Not an Edge but I have one on my Nautilus.
  9. handfiler

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    At what age did that manifest itself? Curious 67 year old here.
  10. handfiler

    where to store jump box?

    How about under the driver seat next to the second row air diffuser? Personally I'm not comfortable keeping anything lithium ion made in China in the car long term. If it decides to self ignite it will burn your car to the ground. If it's in the garage that can burn to the ground as well. I just did the test fit to give you another option.
  11. Just for confirmation, is it a 2019 Edge ST? 2018 was the last year for the Sport. Also is it unmarried from the original vehicle? To those interested in buying this, there is a high probability that it will not be plug and play for the next vehicle. ECU strategies vary from year to year and vehicle to vehicle.
  12. I store the car in the garage for the winter months. I get the deep sleep notification after 2 weeks of non use. Even with a fully charged battery on a maintenance charger. Ford should have based it on battery charge level rather than duration of inactivity.
  13. handfiler


    It's all in the details. Well done.
  14. I've been using AAWireless off and on for the past year. The only problem with it is the high demand on the battery. That coupled with the inefficient execution of the wireless charging pad results in extreme heating of the battery. Like you I prefer to keep my phone pugged in and stored in the console cubby. My temporary solution was to place a 20mm thick piece of foam on the charging pad to isolate it form the phone. Not the most elegant solution but it's working for me.