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  1. handfiler

    Suspension modifications on gen 2

    It would be a job done well and done correctly if you do.
  2. handfiler

    New Member

    Hi Kevin, Welcome to the forum.
  3. handfiler

    New Nautilus Owner

    Hi SeanR I have a Nautilus as well and also like to tinker. Mine is stock other than a custom catch can. My tinkering is confined to my other car. Catch Can
  4. None of the tuners have unlocked the PCM yet. Livernois has no interest in doing so. Torrie at Unleashed Tuning will work with you if you can upload the tune file to them. You'll need an HP Tuners interface and software to do that. I gave it some thought but in the end I didn't want to mess with the warranty. Its quick enough for a grocery getter. Skip the Race Chip Route.
  5. When it comes to oil filters and the factory warranty I prefer to use the factory filter. Visually, the factory filter media appears to be moulded deeper into the end cap. It might not be but it looks like a more robust design.
  6. handfiler

    Full Size Spare Tire 2020 Edge

    You cant. Not only is the tire recess not deep enough, the diameter of it is not large enough.
  7. handfiler

    Livernois Tune - Engine Failure

    Its best to stick with a tuner that specializes in the ecoboost platform rather than someone that supports multiple brands. I've been running a tune from JDM Engineering in my Mustang for 6 years. It took one data log and one revision to get it dialed in perfectly. They support Ford platforms and nothing else. I think on a completely stock 2.7 the Livernois tune is probably just fine. If you're going add-ons like bigger turbos, down pipes etc. look for a specialist.
  8. handfiler

    New 2020 EDGE ST

    Android Auto and CarPlay only work with the data cable plugged in to the USB port so no Bluetooth involved. My files have all been converted at 44.1Khz/16bit (FLAC format). Anyhow I realize your not interested in what I have to say and I fully understand your point of view. Technology is not for everyone.
  9. handfiler

    New 2020 EDGE ST

    That's also an easy thing to do. And the phone has now become a personal music player. She will now never be without her music because who goes anywhere without their phone these days?
  10. handfiler

    New 2020 EDGE ST

    Why not store the music on your Phone? You can use the phone for maps and play music simultaneously. That's what android auto and car play are for. Very easy to set up multiple playlists on your phone.
  11. I keep a Faraday pouch in the car. I lock the car and then I place the fob in the pouch. No more problems at the car wash.
  12. Welcome to the forum mike44nh, This is the ultimate forum for everything and anything pertaining to the Ford Edge.
  13. handfiler

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    Variable displacement A/C compressors are pretty efficient at idle.
  14. handfiler

    2016-2019 2.7L TT eco boost Motor (21k mi)

    Only driven to church on Sundays.