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  1. Bought it new. 2019 Ford Edge SEL. So far so good, haven't had any problems. But only have 28,323 miles on it so far.
  2. The wife's Edge is averaging 29.8 mpg. 2019 with 2.0L and she likes to drive fast.
  3. Nolan

    How many Fords have you owned?

    1990 ford Escort GT (was the wife's when I met her, so when I married her it was partly mine) 2019 Ford Edge SEL (still have) 2020 Ford F150 XLT (still have) I was a Chevy man from 1978 to Oct. 2004. We went without a car from 2004 to the winter of 2008. We had two motorcycles and one semi-truck and then bought a Toyota the winter of 2008. Traded it for the Edge.
  4. Nolan

    New Edge

    Nice looking Cam-am , a guy who lives near our winter home has one that is orange. Calls it Pumpkin.
  5. Friend of ours bought a 2020 Chevy Equinox. Push bottom start. Hangs the fobs in the garage. Went out started the car drove to the post office. Got back in car won't start. Forgot the fob. We figured if the fob got out of range like that with our 2019 Edge, the car would shut off. Anyone ever do anything like this with their Edge?
  6. Nolan

    clicking, tapping noise

    Mjvalenz. You must have forgot to attach it.
  7. Nolan

    Your music, what are you listening to these days?

    I like 70s, 80s and hard rock. My wife likes slow poke, boring fall asleep at the wheel, music. Just as well have it off if we are in the same vehicle.
  8. Nolan

    2019 possible transmission issue 2.0L

    There is a thread called 2019 Edge low speed surge/buck further down the 2.0L Eco Boost page. Is your car doing anything like what other people are having problems with?
  9. Our 2009 Toyota Matrix didn't have a dipstick for the tranny fluid. Yes was a little weird at first since the last car, the motorcycles (Harley) and our semi truck all had dipsticks, but never had any problems with our Toyota other then a squealing belt that had to be changed every two to three years.
  10. Nolan

    Battery Issues

    I would also like to see a link to this. As a owner if a 2019 Edge SEL, which we purchased in May of 2019, haven't had any problems with the battery as of yet. I do however put the battery on a smart battery changer once a month. Did that with our last car and almost got nine years out of the battery.
  11. Nolan

    Noob from AZ

    I'll take the rain over 100 plus degrees in Arizona during the summer anytime. The only time it's worth being where I live in Arizona is December through March.
  12. Nolan

    Noob from AZ

    Nice color. What is it called? I'm also living in Arizona, but tired of the summer heat and want to move to the Oregon coast. Just got to get the wife on board. 🤔
  13. Nolan

    gas tank capacity at empty

    2019 Edge. FWD 2.0 Wife tried to run it out of fuel, or so I thought. Only got 15.1 gallons in the tank at fill up. Said it has 30 miles to empty. Will say I'm happy about the reserve of extra gallons, since our last car she tried to run it out of fuel three times to where there was only a gallon left at one time.
  14. Nolan

    2019 edge SEL

    Thanks for the replies. I did try the sport button slowing down for a stop light and the car did downshift and slowed down more. Will have to give it a try in the mountains next summer. Will do the same with the circulate button. Had the vent on at the time. Nice and cool in the mountains. As for using the turbo. My wife has the need for speed, she exercises the turbo every time she drives the car. 😄
  15. Nolan

    2019 edge SEL

    2019 Ford Edge SEL FWD. Have owned this car now a little over six months have a little over 6,200 miles. Wife wanted a SUV to carry more stuff. We only have one car. Has worked out fine for over twenty years. Owned a 2009 Toyota Matrix. Base model. Bought it new. Traded it for the Ford. The Ford has a nice quiet smooth ride compared to the Toyota. Stop/start feature. Easy enough to shut off. Wife likes it, I don't. Pleather seats. We don't like them, miss the cloth seats. Took over 4,000 miles for me to not have a backache after two hours of driving or being the passenger. Must take a while for the seats to break in. All the storage areas in the middle between the driver and passenger. The storage area on the dash. Plenty of view on the back window through the mirror. Nice size side mirrors. Like the warning light in the mirrors when someone comes along side, but we are still old school of turn the head when getting into another lane. Same as backing up, have the camera still looking around for people and other vehicles. However do like the warning beep on a vehicle coming across behind the car. Have had two times where the other car driver in a parking lot was going very fast and might have been hit backing out without the warning. The auto windshield wipers are interesting. Sometimes work great other times they run several times and it hasn't rained that much. Also the automatic high beam low beam is interesting, although I'd drop to low beams faster then what the car does. The wife hates the dial shiftier. I'm okay with it, but would rather have the regular shiftier. No way to downshift when going down long hills or mountain passes as we could with the Toyota. Have to use the brake more. Try to coast as much as possible and not use the brake pedal. Has plenty of power for passing slower vehicles on two lane roads. Corners well on curvy roads. There isn't another driver out there who can go faster then us on curves. Always getting stuck behind slow drivers. Have noticed we are getting exhaust smell in the vents of the car when following other vehicles up mountain type hills. Noticed coolant / anti-freeze level is down from half way point of max and low. Is setting on low. Noticed this October 13th. No change to oil level except down a little. Have 43% oil life left. No charge on gas mileage. Haven't gone to the dealership about these yet. Will when it is oil/filter change time. Try out the Ford Pass thing too. The computer says the car is averaging 29.9 mpg. Hope that gets better with time. Overall getting to like the car more. Going to miss the satellite radio, but have plenty of radio stations to listen to or when we get into areas without anything worth listening to, like the last car just shut it off and do without.