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  1. Nolan

    clicking, tapping noise

    Ours has the sewing machine noise until the engine is warmed up. Don't hear it inside the car, but can outside of the car.
  2. I push the button on the fob twice, unless it is late at night, then just push the lock button inside the car before getting out. I don't trust the hand on the top of handle to lock it. Have tried it, gone into our house, come back without the fob and the door is still unlocked.
  3. Nolan

    Thanks for having me!

    Welcome to the forum.
  4. Nolan

    2019 Ruby Red Titanium

    Welcome. Ruby red is the best color on the Edge. ๐Ÿ‘
  5. Would I buy the Edge again. No. But my wife likes it other then a few things and she drives it 98% of the time, so that's what counts. I just have to get my own vehicle. Hopefully next spring.
  6. Nolan

    First Time Ford Buyer Here!

    Welcome. I have been a new member of the Ford family also, since May 5, 2019.
  7. Nolan

    Driving in La La Land

    Great videos. Also good to learn from them. Don't have a dash cam yet, but have been thinking of getting one, although the wife and I really haven't had many problems with bad drivers. Only two so far this year, that I remember. One in Arizona, the wife changed lanes, was 60 foot in front of some gal in a van and was honked at. Really have no idea why. The van driver then changed lanes and came along side of us at the stop light. Have no idea what she was saying, had the windows up, but the mouth was moving and got a few hand jesters. The wife ignored her and I just looked at her, but did nothing. Didn't see the point. The second one was on the interstate in Las Vegas. Driver in car changed lanes in front of us, was so close it startled us. The driver was gone in less then 5 seconds, he/she was moving. We do get a lot of drivers who come up to an intersection fast where they have a stop sign. Always makes me nervous on if they are going to stop or not. Always do, but I wish they would come to the stop sign slower.
  8. Nolan

    Do You Like Your Edge?

    Thanks omar302, will try this the next time we are in the car. ๐Ÿ‘
  9. Nolan

    Do You Like Your Edge?

    Unable to control the heater where it blows. Don't want it coming out the vents in my face, want it to blow on my feet. Can't change that. Have had where the heater kicks on and I want the vent on. Have to drop the temp down to around 66 to 63 to get cooler air in. I like the controls of turning it to heat or vent and the slide bar on the temperature I want. Air conditioning works fine. Happy with that. Can control the temp in the car. But when it is 68 degrees outside don't need the a/c.
  10. Nolan

    Do You Like Your Edge?

    Have a 2019 SEL. The wife drives the car 95% of the time. When I do drive the car, I dislike the lumber part of the seat. Needs to be higher up for me. Dislike the leather. First time for us, have always had cloth. Also dislike the automatic climate control, can't shift the tranny down on steep grades, has to use the brakes more The wife likes everything about the car other then the leather seats, the automatic climate control, can't shift the tranny down on steep grades, has to use the brakes more. So yes there are somethings we both dislike. Otherwise we like the car. It can handle the two lane curvy roads as fast as we feel comfortable in going. Unfortunately we can't go as fast as we would like since there is always someone going slower. The car is averaging 30.1 mpg. Lower then the car we traded in, but then the Ford is about twice the size of the car we traded in. The Ford can carry a LOT of stuff with the rear seats down, like all the little storage areas. The stop/start feature. I don't care for it, so when I'm driving I shut it off. The wife likes it, leaves it on. At stops with the window down, sometimes can hear the car start up other times not. Get some weird looks from other drivers who have their window down when the car starts up again. ๐Ÿ˜€ Doubt we will keep it ten years like we did our last car, time will tell.
  11. I think you got a factory freak. We are now getting 30.1 mpg after 4,000 miles highway and city on our 2019 Edge SEL. My wife drives 95% of the time and she has, the need. For speed. We also just run 87 octane.
  12. Nolan

    Actual city and Highway MPG for 2019 AWD?

    2019 Ford Edge SEL FWD. A little over 4,200 miles, averaging 30.1 mpg. City and highway. Using 87 octane. (Bought the car in May)
  13. Nolan

    New to Forum 2019 Edge Titanium

    Okay, now you have to tell us about the glove box. ๐Ÿ˜
  14. Nolan

    2019 Edge Low Speed Surge/Buck

    Looks like this problem isn't on just 2019 models. I go to another Edge forum and this is what a gal says about her 2017 Titanium AWD 2.0 Has 45,000 miles on it. "An update - engine light came on again and the โ€œ buckingโ€more severe. Took the car to dealer as I felt there was something more going on. Codes at the dealer were again 302, 304, and now 312 (intermittent misfiring) appeared. They were going to replace coils and plugs again but discovered coolant was low. Further testing overnight found a leak by a valve. They will pull the head to see if itโ€™s just the gasket or if there is a crack. Unfortunately, it will be a couple of weeks depending on the scope of repair. My car is the third vehicle with the same engine and problem in recent weeks that my small town dealer has worked on." If she posts anything more on her car, I will be sure to put it on here.
  15. Have a 2019. I think it is the fuel pump. Owned a Harley-Davidson that when I turned the key on, it made that same noise. Had to wait until a light on the dash shut off before starting it.