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  1. It also seems like the transmission shifts faster in drive mode than in Sport Mode. Obviously with twists and turns, I'd want to use Sport mode but for straight line performance I feel the drive mode is faster. Anyone else notice this?
  2. Jimmyw86

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    I put it into paddle shift mode and it will always go from 1st gear straight to 3rd when I shift or I let it automatically shift for me. I feel like it does that with other gears as well. I'll have hard clunking in the mornings when I put it in reverse but I'm not too worried about that.
  3. Jimmyw86

    Clunking transmission sound

    Makes sense. It looks like it was built on 10/18. It only makes the clunking sound if I didn't let it warm up for a little while. If it's warm outside, there's no issues.
  4. Jimmyw86

    Clunking transmission sound

  5. Jimmyw86

    Clunking transmission sound

    I figured. Just a little on edge (no pun intended) because Ford bought back my 2018 GT Mustang because they had to replace the engine and transmission.
  6. Jimmyw86

    Clunking transmission sound

    Whenever it gets cold outside and I do a cold startup on my Edge, it makes a very audible clunking sound when I put it in reverse or drive. Is that normal? Also, I've noticed this vehicle blows out a lot of smoke when I do a cold start.
  7. Jimmyw86

    HVAC Performance in Extreme Cold

    My problem has been having the vehicle too hot even when I set the temp to 65 degrees in 25 degree weather. Not sure why it's blowing hot air but it eventually cools down.
  8. Jimmyw86

    Edge ST MPG

    I've been averaging 22mpg and that's 60% city driving.
  9. Jimmyw86

    SYNC 3 issues

    Same here!!! I honestly thought there was an update.
  10. Jimmyw86

    Got my Edge ST!

    Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. It was built on October 14th. It arrived in early November.
  11. Jimmyw86

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    I would google lemon law attorneys because you don't have to find one locally. I was talking to one in Georgia (I live in Tennessee). Remember, most of them get paid from the manufacture and won't cost you anything. Luckily you have no miles on your vehicle so they won't be charging you much for mileage. It would have cost me over 3k since I had 10k miles on my car but since I dealt with Ford directly, they waived the fee since I've been waiting for so long. Your situation would be better with an attorney because of the low miles and you don't have to worry about the hassle. Hopefully you get yours handled faster than I did. It took me about 3 months altogether.
  12. Jimmyw86

    New ST Owners (Tips, Tricks & Issues)

    Call Ford and let them know the situation. They denied my first claim because I was on day 27 but I called again a week later and they accepted the buyback process. Don't call the dealership, call this number and ask for a supervisor (800) 392-3673. They will direct you and begin the buyback. Once confirmed, they will start the process. It took over 2 months for me but Ford bought back the Mustang and got me into an Edge ST. I didn't have to talk to an attorney for my buyback.
  13. Jimmyw86

    Car and Driver Review with Test Results

    I've had numerous performance vehicles and I'm very satisfied with my decision. I've also had 2 of my friends drive it and they were surprised too (one has a Q50 and the other has a 370z). It handles extremely well for an SUV and the power is satisfying. It feels like my stock 2011 Wrx as far as power but it's a far better daily driver. I've been averaging 20mpg in the city so far and I'm happy with that. I'd prefer this have the 10 speed from my Mustang GT and hopefully it can handle power for when I tune it in a year or two.
  14. Jimmyw86

    Car and Driver Review with Test Results

    Yes they can. I'm going to give it a year before I tune it. I'm just terrified something is going to happen like my Lemon 18 Mustang GT.
  15. Jimmyw86

    Car and Driver Review with Test Results

    If they just fixed the 8 speed shifting so slow, that could help. We also have to see what grade gas they put in the vehicle for testing.