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  1. Rimcrim

    Weird Noise When Opening Doors

    Yep, mine does this too, and the timing seems random as stated above. I have no idea what it is, but am curious to find out. It does sound like something metal is disengaging or clicking into place.
  2. Rimcrim

    Chinese Edge ST

    I want those roof rails and that infotainment screen. I wonder if we could possibly swap parts for the screen, but the roof racks wouldn't work due to the extended wheelbase.
  3. Rimcrim

    Reason Exhaust Tips Don't Extend Further

    Yeah I was going to do this on my Edge Sport before it got rear ended and written off (while parked), but I don't think this will work on my ST quite the same since they are now vertical cutouts.
  4. Rimcrim

    Borla Exhaust Video's Edge ST

    Ah, that looks better than I expected, it actually sits into the bumper pretty far. I don't know if it would make much difference adding tips then, apart from looks. I never really liked the stock exhaust housing and wish we just had tips sticking out like the Edge Titanium and Explorer Sport/ST etc. I plasti-dipped mine to get rid of the chrome and it looks better, but still not great.
  5. Rimcrim

    Fiber Strains On Back Glass

    I have had this a couple times as well, but not recently.
  6. Rimcrim

    Fiber Strains On Back Glass

    I had some coming out of my exhaust too, and it's all stock back there. I figured it might be from the resonator, but I saw it happening at around 2000 miles.
  7. Rimcrim

    Borla Exhaust Video's Edge ST

    Thanks for posting these, it sounds pretty good! I wonder if the sound would change much if you extended the tips so that the exhaust actually came out of the back instead of bouncing around behind the bumper.
  8. Rimcrim

    Brew City Boost Tuning

    Curious on this as well. Everything shown so far has been on an Edge Sport, what about the ST? ?
  9. Rimcrim

    Well It Finally Happened

    Those look better than I expected. I might order some in Red with Black ST lettering. How hard was the install, and obviously it still brakes the same with them on correct? How close are they to the inside of the rim when they are on? Thanks!
  10. Rimcrim

    Leather Trimmings / Digital Dash

    I was simply meaning swapping in the leather pieces where ours are plastic, not the Instrument Cluster. That's a whole other beast.
  11. Rimcrim

    Leather Trimmings / Digital Dash

    I wonder if we could order the European dash parts and install them on our Edges, would be a fun project
  12. Rimcrim

    Yet Another Intake Thread

    This is a good idea to test
  13. Rimcrim

    Borla Has An Exhaust the ST Finally :)

    I think the MRT also ends at the stock location and doesn't stick out, but theirs doesn't seem to drone too bad from the interior video that they posted. If/When I replace my exhaust I will definitely get tips to extend it outside - not really a huge fan of the stock exhaust housing.
  14. Rimcrim

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Got the chance to drive around a bit after the TSB was performed and I can already tell that the shifting is much better than it was before. Shifts are smoother, it seems to pick the right gear more often, and it even feels quicker in D now than it did before. I always felt D was too lazy and had poor throttle response compared to S but now they are much closer.
  15. Rimcrim

    Molded Splash Guards ST

    Correct, these won't fit the ST.