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  1. svlaming

    Shift points

    Does anyone have any data on at what RPM a 2019 ST should shift in normal driving mode vs sport mode. Seems like 3rd and 4th are really close
  2. svlaming

    Livernois ST Tune

    Question on this topic, does adding the tune effect the shift point in normal driving mode or just in "Sport Mode"?
  3. svlaming

    Brake Caliper Covers

  4. svlaming

    Blackout chrome

    I plasti dip the plastic around the exhaust, looks good. And if I get sick of it it'll peel right off
  5. svlaming

    Ford ST SUV experience

    Will do
  6. svlaming

    Blackout chrome

    Does anyone know of a place I can get or cut viynal to cover the chrome pecies on my st.
  7. svlaming

    Ford ST SUV experience

    Going in two weeks to the Park City one, can't wait
  8. svlaming

    Ford ST experience Asheville NC

    I signed up for the Park City Utah class the second week of October, can't wait
  9. svlaming

    21" or 18" Wheels

    Thanks Omar
  10. svlaming

    21" or 18" Wheels

    Thanks for the info
  11. svlaming

    21" or 18" Wheels

    So I plan on buying my first edge ST (2020) in the next few months once the 2021's come out my question is besides the apperance what are the pros and cons between the performance package wheels (21") and the standard 18" set up