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  1. toytrail08

    New member

    It looks great. Welcome to the forum.
  2. toytrail08

    Off Road Build Ideas

    I haven't seen a lifted Ford Edge yet. I have a set of KMC wheels with all-terrain tires that I could use for both overlanding and moderate off-road driving. I think it would be great if you try installing mud tires to test on your place.
  3. toytrail08


    Looking great though.
  4. toytrail08

    Edge Sport with black wheels—pics?

    I'm currently looking for 5-spoke black wheels at 4WheelOnline. I need to replace my wheels after I had a dent issue with one on the rear. I'll take this opportunity to enhance the overall style of the exterior by the wheels that I'll choose.
  5. toytrail08

    picked up my new 2020 ST this afternoon

    It looks absolutely stunning.
  6. toytrail08

    2022, F150 convertible announced

    I did. I'm just praising whoever made that render. 😂
  7. toytrail08

    2022, F150 convertible announced

    Weird concept but the render looks neat.
  8. toytrail08

    Edge ST-Line (3)

    This looks absolutely great. Nice wheels too.
  9. toytrail08

    New lights

    Interesting set of lights you have there but I want to see it at night.
  10. toytrail08

    New 2020 ST

    Looking great!
  11. toytrail08

    New Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!
  12. toytrail08

    New Member

    Hello everyone. My name is Chris and I recently picked up a 2016 Ford Edge. A relative of mine used to own it but he has plans of acquiring a new car. I'm fond of his Ford Edge before so I've decided to buy it from him to help him pay for a new car. Great to be part of this community. I hope everyone is safe and doing well.