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Do I need the TPMS relearn tool?

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2016 Edge SEL AWD (Canada)
I'm replacing all my TPMS as half don't work.
I'm really confused here...
Ford F2GZ-1A189-A from ebay or Amazon and it's aftermarket, some places say just put my car in that relearn mode, let air out of each tire when it tells you, the horn goes off and you go to the next tire and then when your all done, drive the car around. Easy right?

Then why in God's name are some places saying I need this remote thing? The TPMS relearn tool?


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There's more than one way of doing the relearn, and with this M/Y they would self learn just by driving it for about 20 miles.


I use the "wake-up" device in the link that you posted because its  the quicker more practical way of doing it.

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When I bought new wheels/tires for a winter set, I had to (chose to) buy TPMS sensors.

I ordered my sensors from Tire Rack and they didn't need to be programed.


I installed the sensors in the wheels and brought the wheels/tires to shop for them to mount and balance.

When I installed the wheels on my Edge, I tried the relearn by letting air out while vehicle was in 'program mode' but I could never get the horn to beep, so, I was planning to buy the relearn tool.

Before I ordered the tool, during my first drive, about 3 miles down the road all my readings on the left dash display updated with current tire pressures.


So, long story short, you might not need the relearn tool.


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If you buy the tool, you can get one for 1/2 the cost of the one you listed.

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