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  1. I’m no less pissed at Ford’s neglect on this issue, but I am very pleased to confirm that the latest update has FINALLY (quietly) fixed my forward camera too!
  2. Here's what I just found... "**ATTENTION, if you are a current owner of a 2021 Ford Edge and are experiencing camera issues, give us a call. Our services are absolutely FREE to you. Click 844-928-4443 ☎ now for a Free Case Evaluation or fill out our Contact Form." Ford Edge Camera Problems | Camera Not Working (lemberglaw.com)
  3. Finally got the HIGHLY anticipated September update (3.5.2) today... And it mentions NOTHING about the camera and does NOTHING to resolve the issue. Sign me up for the class action lawsuit. This is some serious BS.
  4. +1 2021 ST. I’m fed up with this. This is my second Edge and this is a fundamental feature I’ve (previously) relied on heavily. The extreme delay in releasing a fix for this issue is entirely unacceptable. 2022 owners, it’s pretty clear that this bug is only affecting 2021 models. Congratulations! 😉
  5. Archer_

    2021 ST Dash Cam Fuse Selections

    Well, because my cam has a parking mode that requires constant power when the vehicle isn’t running. This permits the camera to record who backs into your car or hits it with their shopping cart while you’re busy stocking up in Costco. AFAIK, there’s no constant power in the mirror.
  6. I read a number of posts here and spent more painstaking hours than I care to confess trying to get the power straightened out for my recent ROVE R3 dash cam installation. As we all know, that driver's-side dashboard fuse panel is ridiculously difficult to access---but not impossible with tremendous patience and non-stop self-encouragement! Since it seems that Ford mixes things up a bit on the fuse panel each year, I want to share where I ultimately landed---in hopes of alleviating some of the burden for others. So here it is: My "constant power" fuse tap is the 30A "spare" in socket 28. The "ACC" fuse tap is the 10A "Delayed accessory..." in socket 2. I tried quite a number of different combinations before achieving access with this. If you have a 2021, I hope this saves you some effort. Cheers! Archer
  7. Thanks very much for sharing this [disappointing] information