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  1. Elfiero

    2019 edge ST Roadtrip

    Just got home from a major road trip ( 4,ooo miles) with no problems at all.
  2. This is exactly why I dumped my 2017 Exploder Limited . it had a N/A3.5 that started to use small amounts of coolant. I traded it for a 2019 edge ST with a belt driven water pump 2.7-V6 this is my first ego-boost. happy so far. it only set me back about $40k or about $15k after the trade-in
  3. why can't I get my iPod to play in my new to me 2019 edge st? it appears to be working just no sound.
  4. Elfiero

    Ford Edge Sales Figures

    There must be something wrong with my mac. all I can see is up to 2015. does anyone know about the newer ones?
  5. Elfiero

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    I have a 2019 edge st I have two things I don't "love" about this vehicle. The EXPLODER I traded in had power folding outside mirrors I sort of miss those. Two. My sound system doesn't want to play my iPod . it appears to play, but no sound comes out. that's ok, I don't use it anyways.
  6. Maybe you guys need to look for a cheaper car line? or maybe public transportation? I just spent over 50k on a vehicle that doesn't even have power folding outside mirrors and I am ok with it.
  7. Elfiero

    Marshmallow the Edge

    Did you take down the pictures? I can't see them.
  8. Fomoco sells new ones. don't get upset over a used-up one. I have owned prolly about 50 of those over the last 50 years of driving. if you need a pristine one, keep it in a box in the counsel and only put it on during car shows . problem solved.
  9. This is what insurance is for. new car are too complicated to attempt this on your own. why not let some overworked/underpaid kid figure it out ? if nothing else it will give you something to complain about.
  10. Elfiero

    How many Fords have you owned?

    I have owned over a hundred fords (approximately )or over300 total cars. I have owned every single year of mustang, every single year of torino, every single year of f series from 1965 thru 2014, every single model of exploder, so now I thought I would give the Edge a try. so I bought a Edge ST as I hate timing chain driven water pumps. This is also my first vehicle with a hair drier(turbo) I used to be an auto mechanic and flipped cars on the side.
  11. Elfiero

    New guy from Minnesota

    I just bout a 2019 edge st with 35k on it. I have been looking for a forum this place seems nice. This is my 6th ford 4x4 and my140 th Ford overall as well about the 300 vehicle in my life. I used to flip them, in a previous life.at any rate you guys seem decent. This is my first edge and hopefully my last purchased vehicle( this one had a window price of $57,350