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  1. In my 2010 I installed a K&N cold air intake and noticed the throttle response improved. The engine accelerates with very little delay now. I don't experience the lag when I step on it. It is louder and creates an aggressive "woooof" when accelerating to make a highway pass on a two lane road for example. I'm happy to just increase the throttle response and I feel better that I can pass more quickly on rural two lane highways.
  2. Tribby2001

    weathertech mats

    I have had WeatherTech in all my cars. I simply like them because of their looks - classy. They have served us well. I do prefer carpeting so when the threat of snow and the road salt season passes I switch them out to 3D MAXpider Classic Carpet Floor Mats. They are similar in coverage as WeatherTech Floorliners. However, I don't see them available for 2015 and up Edge.
  3. Tribby2001

    2011 Edge SEL Window woes

    ...Bringing a fossil back to life... Had the same problem in my 2010 Ltd. Front passenger window would power down but not up. Neither driver or passenger side switch would power it back up. Thanks to this thread I replaced the driver's side master switch [ 8L1Z-14529-AA (SW-7242) $56 ] and all is well Thanks!
  4. Tribby2001

    Brand new set of caliper covers

    I emailed the OP and he replied stating these calipers are SOLD.
  5. Tribby2001

    Best speakers for the money?

    I installed mid-level DLS speakers in my Premium 6CD (no NAV) many years ago and they are the best sounding car speakers I have ever heard driven only by a stock HU. Hard to find as they are a Swedish company. But there are U.S. dealers if you search around. Worth looking for as their mid-level speakers are competitively priced. http://dlsaudio.us/home/caraudio
  6. Tribby2001

    2010 OE 18" Wheel Offset?

    I corroborated 70.6mm with an eBay seller. Thanks.
  7. Tribby2001

    18x7.5" O.E. Wheel Specs?

    I found the Offset is +44 Centerbore/Hub size diameter is 70.6mm http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/19753-2010-oe-18-wheel-offset/?p=146216
  8. Tribby2001

    2010 OE 18" Wheel Offset?

    I think I found it! Part# 8T431007CB Offset = +44 Can anyone confirm the 2010's Centerbore/Hub size diameter: 70.5 or 70.6mm?
  9. Tribby2001

    2010 OE 18" Wheel Offset?

    Does anyone know what is the OE chrome clad 18x7.5 wheel offset and hub size for a 2010 Edge AWD Limited? What is the Ford wheel part# (1007?)
  10. Tribby2001

    18x7.5" O.E. Wheel Specs?

    I am shopping for new aftermarket 18" wheels for my 2010 AWD Edge Limited with O.E. 18x7.5J" wheels. I need to order Hub Centric Rings but I have not been able to verify the Center Bore diameter in the User Manual or in the Workshop Manual. However, I have seen posts here and elsewhere stating it is 70.5mm(?) and 70.6mm(?). Does anyone know with certainty what is the 2010's Center Bore diameter? I would also like to know what is the O.E. 18x7.5 Wheel Offset? Thanks!
  11. Tribby2001

    2007 Edge Subwoofer

    Thanks! The only thing I did to the sub box was to enlarge the subwoofer hole diameter. I was going to use an electric scroll saw but its trigger malfunctioned. It's very old lol. So instead I used a router and simply followed the trace I had marked. I think it works better than a saw - like buttuh. I used a ½" thick custom made PVC spacer ring to mount the sub on. I did that so I would not need to butcher the sub box by the mounting tab. Instead I trimmed the spacer ring, with a file and sander, so that it fit over the top of the protrusion of the tab. I didn't want to destroy the sealed integrity of the box by cutting into that tab area. (See photo in my previous post.) Yes, I used about 6 Oz of nylon fiberfill I had on hand from a previous speaker project. I also sprayed the entire exterior of the sub box with 3M rubberized undercoating/soundproofing spray as well as the body of the Edge immediately behind the sub box as you can see in the photos posted earlier. Well, I previously posted my depth measurement at 5" from the face of the sub box. However, the box is irregularly tapered in the back so it may be less depending on the sub you intend to place in there. The sub I mounted in the box, and pictured in my previous post, is the CDT HD-1000CF http://cdtaudio.com/sep_components/subwoofers/hd1000cf.htm Spec sheet http://cdtaudio.com/pdf/HD-1000CF.pdf
  12. Tribby2001

    2007 Edge Subwoofer

    Completed: Other than the 10" subwoofer and sub amp the audio system is stock:
  13. FYI- Expensive High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) glue PPX5 Adhesive Kit http://www.iplasticsupply.com/materials/adhesives-and-cleaners/ http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00083187-hdpe-sheet-bonding-the-unbondable.html I think I'll try J-B Weld's PlasticWeld epoxy first :-)
  14. Tribby2001

    2007 Edge Subwoofer

    UPDATE: Upgrading subwoofer on a Premium Sound System II in my 2010 Edge Limited. I ended up purchasing a Rockford-Fosgate PBR300X1 subwoofer amp for more power: http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/pbr300x1 It is small and will easily screw into the same location as where the OE sub amp was on the rear of the OE sub box. Needed a Radio Shack reed relay, part# 275-0232: https://www.radioshack.com/products/spst1a-5vreed-rly?variant=5717505029 You will need this relay to convert the OE head unit's 6Vdc sub amp enable signal to 12Vdc for aftermarket amps. See below wiring diagram or click> http://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/1159436-factory-subwoofer-upgrade-7.html#post13251877 Using very affordable custom ½" spacer rings made by http://www.car-speaker-adapters.com (Send them an email with your specs.) I will enlarge the OE sub box hole and trim a small part of the custom spacer ring to allow it to fit the encroached sub box mounting tab. In the enlarged hole I will mount a 10" CDT HD-1000CF subwoofer: http://cdtaudio.com/sep_components/subwoofers/hd1000cf.htm After the sub box cutout enlargement is completed it's a simple matter to mount everything, tie a bow on it, and enjoy some real low end. ______________________________________________________ OE Subwoofer Wiring Harness Info: Pin 1 [Violet/Red] Sub Amp Enable +6Vdc (hot when your audio head unit is turned on. ) Pin 2 [black/Yellow] Ground ⏚ Pin 5 [brown/Red] Power +12Vdc (hot when ignition key is in accessory position.) Pin 7 [Violet/Green] Sub Signal + (low level audio) Pin 8 [Green/White] Sub Signal - (low level audio) ______________________________________________________ Sub Enable Reed Relay Wiring Diagram:
  15. 3M 03584 Professional Grade Rubberized Undercoating and Sound-proofing http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61ypq2wgP3L._SL1500_.jpg