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  1. Our lease is up at the end of April. I have Hidden Hitch #87433 and the wiring harness/converter for 2007-2010 Edge and MKX No drill / No cut installation. All installation instructions and hardware included. http://www.hiddenhitch.com/content/products.aspx?lvl=3&parentid=0&catID=1040&part=87433 $100. S.E. Michigan pickup only
  2. Franklee

    Carbon Fiber wrapped dash

    Frankly, it's an "eye of the beholder" thing.
  3. Franklee


    Manufacturer Part number Description Size Condition Remarks Armstrong FL-131 Ratchet Adapter 1/2 to 3/8 Good Armstrong 54-587 DBE ratchet wrench 7mm x 8mm Good Billings 1166 Combo wrench 3/4 3/4 Good Finish peel and rust Bonney P-3216 Socket 1/2 drive x 1/2” 6 pt Very good Cleaned & Wheeled Bonney 0EA28 DOE wrench 7/8 x 7/8 Good Bonney 1120 Combo wrench 5/8 x 5/8 Fair Finish wear Owners mark Cornwell EWB-2024 DOE wrench 5/8 x 3/4 Poor Owner ground? Craftsman =V= Breaker bar 3/8 drive x 10” Very good Finish wear Craftsman Sliding T-bar 9/32 drive Good Craftsman -V- Crow foot 1/2 Very good Craftsman -V- Crow foot 9/16 Very good Craftsman 42793 –VV– Flex-head ratchet 3/8 drive Excellent like new Craftsman 44583 –V– DOE wrench 25/32 x 13/16 good Finish wear Penens 5432 DOE wrench 15/16 x 1 good Plomb 1130 DBE wrench 5/8 x 9/16 good smooth handle LA 7 A Proto 5418-H Socket 1/2 drive x 9/16” 6 pt Very good Proto 1216B Combo wrench 1/2 x 1/2 Very good Proto 1218 Combo wrench 9/16 Good Finish wear owners mark Proto 3021 DOE wrench 3/8 x 7/16 Fair Finish wear owners mark Proto 10021 Impact socket 1” dr x 1 5/16” 6 pt Fair Rust pitting S-K Ratchet Adapter 1/2 to 3/8 Excellent Like new S-K C-10 Combo wrench 5/16 x 5/16 Fair Finish wear S-K C-16 Combo wrench 1/2 x 1/2 Fair Road rash S-K Wayne 45190 Universal 3/8 dr Good Finish peeling Snap-On IPDFM13 Swivel impact 13mm Good Snap-On FO81 Socket 3/8 dr x 1/4” 12 pt Good Finish peeling Vlchek W1416 DOE wrench 7/16 x 1/2 Good Westcraft Ratchet 3/8 dr Good Williams 25 DOE wrench 1/4 USS, 5/16 OC, 5/16 SAE x 5/16 USS Very good Williams 723 DOE wrench 3/8 x 7/16 Good Owners mark Williams 1108A DOE Superrench 11/4 x 5/16 Fair Owners mark Williams 1807 SBO Superrench 1 1/16 Very good Wright 4022 Socket 1/2 dr x 11/16” 6 pt Excellent Like new
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    nothing to see here.... move along.
  5. Franklee

    update smells fishy

  6. Franklee

    2007 Edge unexplained stalling???

    Picked-up the Edge from service yesterday. From the work order: LABOR & PARTS--------------------------------------------------------- INSTALL VDR FOR INTERMIT STALLING CP9926 CC42 TEST FOR DTC FOUND DTC P0123 PERFORM PINPOINT TEST DV1.DV3.& DV21 WIGGLE ETB HARNESS NO PROBLEM FOUND. TAP ON ETB FOUND TPV1 DROPS TO 0VOLTS TP2 0% REPLACE ETBTPS CLEAR DTC ROAD TEST & RETEST PASS PARTS------QTY---FP- NUMBER---------------DESCRIPTION------------------- JOB # 1 1 7T4Z-9E926-FA THROTTLE BODY Hopefully, that's the end of this story.
  7. Franklee

    2007 Edge unexplained stalling???

    Hasn't stalled since 9/2, but had an appointment with the dealer today to install a flight recorder. While in the service bay, they miraculously "found something". They say it could be the trottle body (which I mentioned during the very first visit) or the TB wiring harness. They need to order a new TB, install it, and check for codes. Next appointment Thursday 9/16.
  8. Franklee

    Changed gauge face

    Do you have a before picture? I have the black gauges in my '10 and do not like them at all. There have been several complaints to the NHTSA regarding difficulty viewing the gauges.
  9. Franklee

    Armor All interior mess

    You may want to contact Armor-All directly with your concern. http://www.armorall.com/contact/
  10. Franklee

    2007 Edge unexplained stalling???

    Yeah, I did that within a few days of my first visit to the dealer. The more complaints submitted to the NHTSA, the better. I googled "2010 ford edge stalling" and found my complaint at http://www.arfc.org/complaints/2010/ford/edge/
  11. Franklee

    2007 Edge unexplained stalling???

    Stalled again on 8/28... accelerating from a red light. ... and today, twice.
  12. Franklee

    2007 Edge unexplained stalling???

    Picked up our Edge from the dealer today. No trouble found. Crap.
  13. Franklee

    Hood scoop

    I voted no. I have a Civic and would ever install a hood scoop (or paint the interior).
  14. Franklee

    2007 Edge unexplained stalling???

    I just took our 2010 Edge to the daeler Thursday. It started stalling when accelerating from a stop (red lights). It seems to stall when the A/C is on. Luckily, it stalled when the write-up tech when to check it. After he started it, it stalled when he put it in drive. I called for an update on Friday and they couldn't reproduce the problem so they kept it over the weekend. I'll post an update tomorrow.