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    First Impressions of New Edge

    Ok update at 32,874 Miles. Now that it's colder obviously, my combined mpg since day 1 is 23.1mpg. Starting to have rattles above driver in the headliner by the sunroof. Seat has a mind of its own,...heats, cools whenever it wants to without me engaging it (I have to get this looked at) Still no water leaks that I have noted... Probably have about 10k-15k left on the Hankook treads...20" Ceramic interior is actually holding up well regarding staying clean...the door panels being plastic are more difficult to keep clean Overall I am still happy with the vehicle. And would get it again if offered on my lease program..
  2. I don't know why....must be a personal thing...I would rather have ANY option installed by the factory not an aftermarket. To me it looks better, and if there were any issues down the road I would imagine it would be easier to resolve them as it "came that way". I don't think they "cut" em as they are molded,,, Different strokes....
  3. I know I don't have a sport..... am I wrong in assuming that the factory hitch would be the SAME for the entire edge line up?
  4. I like the factory one better personally....
  5. Very interesting as I have not been on the forum in a few months actually. My titanium was built 3 week of January, pre-job 1, as it is an incremental management lease through ford. We just recieved an email notice stating that although I have a 2015 vehicle I usually get one per year, that they will be offering me another 2015 edge or 2016 explorer in a couple weeks as the units that are becoming available are being "reconditioned". I had a "reconditioned" 2013 Escape when they first launched it was reconditioned due to a hail storm at the plant prior to launch and although it was "fixed" it couldn't be sold as a retail unit because of the amount of damage it had. Apparently there were about 5000 of these Escapes In the same situation, we didn't have a choice in the matter frankly it was either get a 2013 Escape or you are out of the incremental lease program for ever......so I got an Escape. It would be my thought that the "reconditioned" units that the hare offering to me are the "buybacks" that Ford has had to reclaim because of all the mess that the leaking issue has caused.... I don't think that my edge has any leaks, I have 18000 miles on it now and it is still a great vehicle in my opinion. Over the previous model. I will keep you posted as this proceeds..
  6. I have a titanium with the 2.0 as well. I always out of habit now in ANY ford or Lincoln vehicle, slide into sport when getting on a freeway ramp. Although I don't have the "big pimpin" 2.7, the 2.0 does pretty well in "s" mode. You do even get what I feel is that "glorious torque steer" separates the men from the not so! Like a pilot landing a small plane in a bad crosswind....we will see who backs off the throttle first... anyways in my travels I have noticed that in "s" I will average 19 mpg as opposed to 24.1 mpg which is a combined avaergae. I have always said...."it costs a lot to be the man". But when you spend that much, and they are basically giving away gas at this point, 2.89 here in se michigan, 2.25 in ohio, sort of "smoke 'em if you got 'em" in my opinion.
  7. My titanium has 11500 miles, I picked it up in late April. Looking back, my seat tends to sometimes not get cold, but it deals like nothing is happening or actually getting warmer. Never really thought too much about it until seeing this forum actually. I basically "live" in this thing so I have many miles and hours of drive time, sometimes it seems that it cools significantly, others not so much. I will check and see through "my sources" if this is coming up and being worked on...
  8. rmmick

    2016 Edge

    I wouldn't put 1 once of reliability into that "fleet distribution news bulletin". Those are printed so far in advance it is not even funny...job 1 date is a "floating hopeful production date" at best. The 2015 edge job 1 kept getting pushed back as the plant couldn't run 5 consecutive days without a quality issue for weeks, which is as I understand it, when job 1 starts after they plant runs for 5 days with no quality issues...is that true does anyone know for sure. My edge production date was late January of 2015....months before job 1 ...
  9. rmmick

    2016 Edge Start Up dates

    Have not heard anything here as far as a pre-job 1 order timeline. I am hoping that I will be able to hop onto that train like I did for the 2015 edge. If I cannot, then I guess I will hope and pray to have a ticket for the new Continental pre-job 1 build....that is going to be a home run for Lincoln...watch and see.
  10. rmmick

    2016 Lincoln MKX

    I saw a 2016 mix up close last week. Interestingly the "fin" that is on the rear roof line of the edge for the satellite receiver, is not extended into the air like on the edge. It is more like "low bump" would be under a rug or carpet. Very nicely hidden. Also, while sitting in the mkx and looking down the hood, it doesn't have those "rails" that the edge does to this day my eyes constantly look at those things like they are out of place. The interior is very similar to the edge titanium in leather quality and stitching. The dash i think is nicer in that it gives 2 dials permanently on the dash, one is a tach and the other a speedometer. Classy looking as they are outlined in chrome and nicely backlit. I didn't have too much time to really look at the entire exterior next my edge, but I thought I saw was that the lines of the body panels were different in their placement. There was no shift lever either. It was touch for gearshift just like in the MKZ. Really opens up that center console. Weird not having something to rest your hand on as my wife has a MKZ right now. The touch to shift takes some getting used to. I like on my edge, that I can just downshift into "s" with the gearshift. I don't know if there is a "s" button that you would reach up and push on the dash of the MKX. From The pics above, it looks like Lincoln has finally out some nice rims on this thing. When I had my sport with the "22's" the gm at the Lincoln dealer that I get my service done at couldn't believe how nice they were and always told me that he was very upset that Lincoln didn't have a nice rim like the the standard sport rims. He actually we out and equipped a few MKX's that he had on the lot that were new with aftermarket "22's" that looked really sharp and like they belonged on the vehicle. I would think that the "black label" trim Packages might offer something above and beyond. I don't what the "black label" trim costs, but I am sure that it isn't cheap and that having a special rim Would help me personally to "justify" the additional money.
  11. rmmick

    First Impressions of New Edge

    I doubt it...she's as good as she is gonna get I think
  12. rmmick

    First Impressions of New Edge

    Just turned 10520 miles this week. Combined mpg since day is 24.1 which includes many miles at 80+ and hours of sitting still at idle. Just thought that I would share the info.
  13. I love the hitch in my titanium, looks good, like it belongs, not just stuck under the bumper, and with the back up camera, if you cannot center your hitch over the trailer you are backing up to, then. You must be blind...very very easy and right on the mark every time...
  14. rmmick

    2015 Edge Shipping?

    With alll the rain here in mi I had to take mine to a dealer while in cleveland to have the sunroof re-lubricated....they don't use a water resistant grease on the tracks, doesn't make sense to me, but that is why the sunroof tends to really slow down operationally over time. Anyway, apparently there is now a TSB out regarding the leaking issue. I don't believe that mine is included as I have not noticed any interior leaks, believe me, I would have noticed by now with all the torrential rain we have had that I drive in. I am now approching 10k in the vehicle. I have had some issue at the first start of the day where the vehicle seems to be misfiring as I begin to accelerate. Then it disappears after about 2 miles or so. Ford is going to put a "black box" in my car to see if it can pickup that issue. Also as I mentioned in a much earlier post, to me anyway, it seems that when in "d" and I accelerate hard, like to pass, the vehicle does not kick into a lower gear, so I have to manually downshift with the paddle shifters. Ford is also looking at that issue with the "black box"
  15. rmmick

    2015 Edge Shipping?

    I have learned from the same experiences, that you cannot "trust" where your vehicle is in the shipping process. I have numerous times been told that it is somewhere in point "A" only to be called and told, "come get it, it's here and ready to go". With all the tech in these things today, I would think that they could track these units with a gps unit...hell fedex does all over the world and millions more units too. As far as the automotive industry has come with technology, sometimes it amazes me how far behind they are in the "total technology" being used. Would it be terribly difficult yo scan the bar code for each vehicle as it climbs onto a car hauler and then have that info available? I know that the technology is there, but for whatever reason it is not being used, or if it is, it is not available to us.....