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Rear view camera guidelines are missing

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I have a 2011 Edge limited. my backup camera sometimes has the lines and sometimes not. I find no correlation with anything that I'm doing.  The issue I recently had was after a 4 hour night time drive on a 72 degree night, I stopped to let someone out. Then when I put it in reverse, the image was grainy and looked like it was sprayed with white paint speckles. I immediately got out and cleaned it but it was still there.

So I read a few threads where people pulled the RVC out and replaced it, but in one thread, two different folks took the camera apart, one by cutting it and one by slicing between plastic halves. The guy who sliced it open, cleaned all the lenses (5 or 6 in there?) and worked good as new. I can't find that thread anymore.

When I took mine out, I found it was pretty well sealed together - one seal at the body and one seal where the lens case leaves the body. The real shocker was that it had a MFG date of 2013! So obviously it's been replaced having a part number of BT4T-19G490-AF (I bought the car used.) Taking it out was simple and I cleaned all the caked dust off of it, the connectors and cleaned the lightly scratched lens. It's daylight at the moment, but after putting it all together, it seems clear and the guidelines are on (including the black center line which sometimes goes away leaving only the side lines. I hope the night time speckled light scattering is gone but if anyone knows how to disassemble the camera module, that will be my next effort. I hope someone else has dismantled the camera module.

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