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Yes Another Milage Question


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I am a realitively new owner of a 2013 Ford Edge Limited AWD and I have a little less than 2000 miles on it and I am curious of anyone else is experiening this:


The onboard economy computer shows much better mileage then reality? I've filled up a total of 6 times so far and I track every single mile that I drive and every drop of fuel that I put in my vehicles.


Each time the vehicle shows that I've gotten around 19 - 21 mpg average depending on the fill up but the reality is an average of 2-3 mpg less when calculating using the real method of how much fuel is put in the vehicle divided by the number of miles driven.


Also so far in mixed driving with a good amount of highway my overall average is a pretty low 17.24 mpg. Based on the number quoted on the sticker which I know is not reality I expected a bit better than this.


My last 2 Vehicles (Nissans) On Board Computers were pretty much spot on with their mileage calculations using the same tracking software / methods.



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There may be a flaw in your calculation because unlike being in a controlled lab where every fill of the gas tank would be 16 exact gallons, sometimes your tank may be topped or not topped. As I average all of my hand calculated fill ups I notice that they get closer and closer to my vehicle's calculations.

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I own a 2011 Sport, 16K miles. There has always been a 2 mile per gallon difference between what the Edge reports and what I get by doing the math. I am getting 17ish in around town driving and 24ish highway, as long as I control my lead foot ;)

That's pretty much what I get in my 2012 Sport (based on tracking at Fuelly.com for about 25,000 miles. While I'll occasionally get higher than what my computer says, it's rare enough to stand out as an oddity when it occurs. Regardless of what I get though, it's never been close to what the sticker said.

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