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Cooling fan issue


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2008 Ford Edge Limited /w towing package. I noticed this morning that the cooling fan on the driver's side comes on within 10 seconds of starting the engine, and immediately spins up to a high rate of speed. While driving, the engine temp stays in the normal range. I checked the fans again after stopping, and the passenger side fan is running. It has 101000-ish miles on the car, with about 40000 less on the engine due to warranty replacement last year.


Is my control module on the way out or is this normal operation?

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Well, it overheated the other night. 11pm on Broadway in Nashville, so bumper-to-bumper, stop-and-go, pedestrians and taxicabs everywhere.


Pulled into a parking lot and popped the hood, lo and behold the fans aren't running.


Took it to the dealer this morning. New fan assy has been ordered under warranty, and I am also getting a new battery. It was slow to start this morning, and when they tested the battery it was found to be bad. While it is there, they are doing the 105,00 mile service, minus a few things I did myself about 1000 miles ago.


$600 and change. :cry:


I swear, my next car purchase is going to be brand-new with a warranty that lets me drop the car off for any reason at all and it gets fixed!

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