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Went with KYB Gas Shock # 349068 found it cheapest with free shipping at AdvanceAuto.com...shipping says 6 to 7 days but it showed up in one day which was cool..Instead of ripping out both sides of the interior and weatherstriping, I did take the easy route and cut out 2 inches of plastic housing and that gave me easy access to the top bolt..15mm...new shocks use 14mm..bottom bolt is 18mm...very simple..undo the top double nutted on the top...jack the truck up, undo the bottom and do it in reverse..i took the tire off so i could see better but u could get away with not doing that..I was a newbie to it and wanted room..After you put back the spare tire crap and cover you can even see the cut i made and save me im sure alot of time not ripping the interior panels off..worked for me..done in an hour...I was shocked, no pun intended, but the old shocks were worn but not all that bad for 90000 miles, but i do notice a stiffer solid ride...front struts are original and in great shape so i will let them ride...Pix posted below...hope this helps...$90.25 verses 490.00...me likey...EdgeDogpost-7676-0-50762700-1414936260_thumb.jpgpost-7676-0-15525400-1414936287_thumb.jpg

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