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sun roof newbie needs help

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I've owned convertibles and hardtops but never a vista roof and I'm a little confused about winter use?


Opening the glass roof in winter months is not something I have an interest in doing, so that will remain closed, this I understand. However the sunshade portion of the system has me wondering if it can be opened during winter months or must be left closed for the winter? My fear is condensation, is my fear justified or may I open and close it as I please?


I'm thinking; if I open the sunscreen (in winter months) and drive around then close it when I get home this could lead to ice forming on the inside of the glass roof. Once the car rewarms on my next drive that ice could melt and stain the shade. Is this a possibility, what are your experiences?





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The vista roof is just a big piece of glass, just like the one that you look out every time you drive. It doesn't need any more care/attention than the rest of the glass in the car.


Why would you even close the sunshade when you get home? Leave it open and let the sun warm up the vehicle for you before you get in. The only reason to ever close the sunshade is if the sun is too bright and is causing glare or bothering you, and I've lived through enough Ontario winters to know that won't be a problem very often!


Besides the sunshade is pretty porous anyway, it does not create an air barrier between the roof glass and the rest of the car.

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