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Engine coolant advice


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I am living in UAE and I have ford edge SEL 2009.

Last week I had coolant change from a non-dealer. He lifted the car and flushed the coolant by opening one screw of the radiator. After all the coolant is drained he fixed the screw, unlifted the car and put concentrated coolant directly into the plastic tank next to wiper tank. After the entire gallon was emptied (3.78 litres), the plastic tank has stil some capacity left to be filled to the colder range and then he added water.

I noticed on the coolant gallon saying that it is concentrated and should be diluted 50/50 but in my case the same was not done.

Please advice remedy.




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ONLY use distilled water to dilute.


According to the U.S. manual, 80% or less of the coolant is drained by opening the radiator petcock. Assuming that was 50/50 originally, you would be left with 0,2 x 11.7 quarts or 2.34 quarts of 50/50 in the engine. So you would need 9.36 quarts to fill it back up with 50/50. 4 quarts of concentrated + distilled water used to fill line = 5.36 quarts of water or 43/57 ratio of coolant to water, lower than what you want. Final ratio = 44/56.


So you need to pump out a little bit of the coolant mix in the system and put some more concentrated coolant in. Take out 1.3 quarts of the existing coolant mix, add 1.3 quarts of the concentrated coolant, and you will have your near 50/50 mix.


Get a coolant tester to see first if you need to do anything. The calculations are "theoretical", assuming perfect drain/fill.


I believe Redline Water Wetter can also be used to improve coolant properties where there is too much water in the system, i.e., the ratio of coolant/water is too low. People run it with straight water even. But I recommend getting the 50/50 in there first.




FROM A US MANUAL (may be different for Middle East?)

Checking engine coolant

The concentration and level of engine coolant should be checked at the
intervals listed in scheduled maintenance information. The coolant
concentration should be maintained at 50/50 coolant and distilled water,
which equates to a freeze point of -34°F (-36°C). Coolant concentration
testing is possible with a hydrometer or antifreeze tester (such as the
Rotunda Battery and Antifreeze Tester, 014–R1060). The level of coolant
should be maintained at the “FULL COLD” level or within the “COLD
FILL RANGE” in the coolant reservoir. If the level falls below, add
coolant per the instructions in the Adding engine coolant section.
Your vehicle was factory-filled with a 50/50 engine coolant and water
concentration. If the concentration of coolant falls below 40% or above
60%, the engine parts could become damaged or not work properly. A
50–50 mixture of coolant and water provides the following:
• Freeze protection down to -34°F (-36°C).
• Boiling protection up to 265°F (129°C).
• Protection against rust and other forms of corrosion.
• Enables calibrated gauges to work properly

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Thanks guys for your replies.


WWWPerfA_ZN0W - I need to check with you one thing. You mentioned that I have to add 1.3 quatrz of concentrated coolant but I believe that new mixture which I put was 90 % coolant and 10% water with the assumed mixture of 50:50 (which is 20% of total capacity). If convenient please clarify this.
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