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Hey yall!!!!!


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Hello and thanks for the welcome. Well so far i have had to deal with the door ajar issue. Seems to be a heat issue. When it gets really hot it faults all the time. But now that it is much cooler here i haven't had one issue. Smh

I really love the power and comfort of the ride. I am about to install a new sub amp combo. Kicker 12 and alpine sub amp. Should be fun to do! I will post pics as the install moves forward. Have a great day everyone.☺

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Welcome to the forum. I'm new here also. I just picked up a '13 SEL Tux Black Metallic and am loving it so far. My only real gripe so far is that I thought I was getting "upgraded" 20" chrome wheels and later discovered that they were actually "chrome-clad" (plastic skins) over the steel wheels (you don't really know they're plastic covers unless you're right on top of them). Also, in hindsight I wish I held firm for one with Nav, but in the end I couldn't pass up the deal I was getting. This was just off lease with 11K miles on it (dealer's wife's ride. I ended up with what is basically a new car and saved a pile of cash. I'll learn to live with the wheels for now. They look good right now but not sure how they'll hold up long term. Also, the standard sound system is disappointing. I know you have the primo Sony sound system with the Ltd. Do you have the BAMR also or standard roof? Good luck with the new ride.

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