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Auto Dimming Mirror

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One quirk I have with my new 09 MKX is the auto dimming mirror. It gets dimmer with rear headlights OK, but it never really goes back to being completely bright during the day (unless I put the car in reverse).


I can get it to go completely "bright" (100% non-dimmed) by manually compensating (and it goes completely clear), but afterwords slowly fades to about 30-40% dimmed position.


(Also turning on either map light causes it to dim).


Is this normal; does everyone else's operate this way, or is mine defective?

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Check that the rear sensor (behind the mirror) is clear & not blocked. It is supposed to measure the ambient lighting to determine when its daylight so that the mirror does no dim & when its night the mirror would dim.


For the map lights, during the night (or rear sensor blocked), yes, the map light will cause the mirror to dim. But during daylight they the mirror will not dim.

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