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Delay shifting


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I have ford edge 2009 SEL (automatic transmission) . I noticed since yesterday that the shifting is delayed till the speed reached 100 km/h. Rmp reaches till 3 and then the gear shifts and before that engine makes noise since the gear is not automaticallly changed. Last week I replaced transmission fluid also. Please advice.




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Ya I filled with the correct type.


Please advice me what is the correct procedure for checking the level.


I am checking the level with the engine off and since the oil is very thin so i am facing difficulties in checking level but the mechanic confirmed the level is correct.

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Good point about transmission being at operating temp. It is important that the fluid be at operating temp, and that the transmission has been shifted to all gears. This ensures that all the different valves and the torque converter have all had fluid pump to them. Any mechanic that says you can check fluid without running the engine needs to go back to school.

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