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Ford gold anti freeze

Platinum White

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According to the oracle of our times (Amazon), it is ethylene glycol



To quote:

  • Yellow-colored, longer-life, ethylene glycol-based antifreeze/coolant for use in gasoline and diesel engines
  • Provides year-round antifreeze, anti-boil and corrosion protection
  • A 50/50 mixture of coolant and distilled water provides freeze protection down to -34°F (-37°C) and boiling protection up to 265°F (129°C)
  • Do not mix different colors or types of coolant in your vehicle
  • Contains a bittering agent


Ford's product page & MSDS:




  • Use only when specified
    • Use when Ford Specification WSS-M97B51-A1 is specified
    • Do not mix different colors or types of coolant in your vehicle. Make sure the correct coolant is used. Mixing of engine coolants may harm your engine’s cooling system. The use of an improper coolant may harm engine and cooling system components and may void the warranty
    • Do not use this product in systems originally equipped with the orange-colored Motorcraft® Orange Antifreeze/Coolant, meeting Ford Specifications WSS-M97B44-D or –D2, or with the fluorescent green-colored Motorcraft® Premium Antifreeze/Coolant, meeting Ford Specification ESE-M97B44-A (refer to the Motorcraft® usage chart for exceptions), or with the dark green-colored Motorcraft® Specialty Green Engine Coolant, meeting Ford Specification WSS-M97B55-A
  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of WSS-M97B51-A1 (as a 50/50 mixture), ASTM D 3306, Chrysler MS-9769, Cummins 14603, and ASTM D 6210
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