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    Edge 2016 Brake

    I asked a question about brake bias some time back. The answer to the best of my recollection is that with rear brakes engaging first minimizes nose dive. On my 2009 Edge that had 150K (traded) had minimum nose dive. I replaced brake pads only once.
  2. Platinum White

    Aftermarket tachometer&boost gauge for ST

    A scan gage can be set to boost, RPM and 2 other parameters at the same time.
  3. Platinum White

    Signal lights

    I just installed LED front amber signal lights. Nice and BRIGHT now.
  4. Platinum White

    Puddle lights

    I replaced my puddle lights with LED lights. Much brighter.
  5. Platinum White

    Under Hood Lighting Added

    I found this after I did one just like this one except I used a manual switch.
  6. Platinum White


    Page 332 of 2017 Ford Edge Titanium owners manual has a torque value of 162 lb.ft. for the lug nuts. This seems to be very high for a lug nut. I haven't tried to remove one with the tool provided with the spare tire. What is the reason for this torque other than to keep the wheels on?
  7. Platinum White

    Justify Torque

    I have a Ford 2017 Ford Edge Titanium. Page 332 of the owners manual has a torque value of 162 lb.ft. for the lug nuts. WHYIs the torque so High when the torque for an F-150 is 100 lb.ft.? To keep the wheels on is not an acceptable answer.
  8. Platinum White

    Justify Torque

    Good luck getting the lug nut loose on a roadside with the provided tire tool. I strain using a 24 inch breaker bar.
  9. Platinum White

    Fuel Filter

    Where is access to the in line fuel filter? I have had the rear bench seat out and nothing there looked like an access point.
  10. Platinum White

    Fuel Filter

  11. Platinum White

    2018 Edge cabin fuse panel

    Another marvelous thing produced by designers/engineers who NEAVER work on a vehicle.
  12. Platinum White

    DIY oil changes

    I took my catch can off of my 2009 3.5 Edge before trading for a 2017 Titanium 2.0. Could you please provide some pictures and narrative on installing a CC on a 2.0. Thanks in advance.
  13. Platinum White

    DIY oil changes

  14. Platinum White

    Switch Inhibit

    What does the switch inhibit "checked" inhibit?
  15. Platinum White

    2013 Ford Edge SEL Eco Boost Mod Ideas

    what is meth???
  16. Platinum White

    Synthetic oils and fuel additives

    I found out that an AMSOIL EaO 26 oil filter will fit the engine and it will add almost a quart of oil to the system. Pre fill the filter prior to installation. If you intend to use an EaO 26 filter get the filter cap wrench which will make installation and removal real easy. The filter has been on for about 1000 miles.....NO LEAKS
  17. Platinum White

    PCV location

    Where is the PCV located on the 2.0L
  18. Platinum White

    Throttle Body

    What are the symptoms of a throttle body Acting up?
  19. Platinum White

    Valley Hitch or Sale

    I have a Valley hitch that was on my 2009 Edge. I removed prior to trading in. Was used about 3 or 4 times in 8 years. Specs; 4000 LBS. Max trailer weight 400 LBS. Max tongue weight Fits 2007-2009 Edge or Lincoln MKX I have the original mounting hardware and instructions. Asking $50 + Shipping If local to DFW I'll give directions.
  20. Platinum White

    Valley Hitch or Sale

    I'll find out in a week or so. I need an address. How can I contact you? I also have a Lockable hitch pin and a drop ball mount with a 2" ball for $30. Shipping via UPS will be a little <less than $80.
  21. Platinum White

    Valley Hitch or Sale

    I don't think I can cover the shipping for $50. i'll check with UPS for shipping $$.
  22. Platinum White

    WTB 2" Hitch

    I have a Valley hitch that I had on a 2009 Edge for sale for $50 + shipping.
  23. Platinum White

    Headlight adjustment

    The owners manual gives instructions for adjusting the vertical aim, but no mention of the horizontal aim. My right light illuminates the right shoulder leaving the center of the road darker. I'm not too much interested in seeing whats in the ditch. How can I adjust the horizontal aim?
  24. Platinum White


    What are the normal parameters for: Oil pressure What is the set pressure for the oil pump relief valve Coolant temperature At what temperature does the cabin heater provide heat
  25. Platinum White

    Sill Plate Cover

    Has anyone found a Sill Plate Cover that fits a 2015 - 2018 Edge?