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Ford Edge Longer 7-Seat Version for China at Guangzhou Show


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Thanks for the post Blitz.


Very astute observation Akirby. :)


"In China, the Ford Edge will be offered exclusively with the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 petrol engine estimated to produce more than 300 hp..."


I couldn't help notice the Ford Edge in the link resembles the North America Edge Sport. In image 5/9 you can see the front and lower unique fascia and the fascia integrated exhaust tips which the North America Edge Sport has as well as the 21" premium painted Tarnish dark low gloss aluminum rims. I wish they would have shown the back of the CUV. I was looking for ”运动”. Probably just an Edge since Ford appears to be releasing one model in China. The fog light are also different. The roof-rack side rails are present with the panoramic Vista Roof which isn't available in North America.


"Roof-rack side rails (NA with panoramic Vista Roof)" page 6 "2015 Edge Source Book"


"2.0L EcoBoost I-4 and 2.7L EcoBoost V6 engines can operate on 87-octane regular fuel but 93-octane premium unleaded fuel is recommended."

page 45 "2015 Edge Source Book"


"This Edge will still be built in Oakville, Ontario, where Ford recently invested $700 million in a move that guaranteed 3,000 jobs. The Canadian-built Edges will be shipped worldwide, with the exception of the Eastern Bloc, whose units will be made in Russia. Ford Canada employees can therefore breathe a sigh of relief, especially since by 2018, one out of every three of the world’s SUVs will be sold in China—an immense market. This isn’t coming from me; these are the words of Jim Farley, Vice-President Marketing for Ford/Lincoln."


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Don't expect this to become available in the US, ever. Wouldn't want to steal sales away from the Explorer.


Magnetic Edge - Do you think the 7-seat Edge will be available in Canada?

Blitz - Road trip, eh? I grew up close to the Canadian border. Guys drove to Canada to buy trucks back in the day. Had to do with the exchange rate and Ford deals in Canada.

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I need to correct my post. The 7-seat Edge will NOT be produced in Canada. I guess I should have looked closer at Blitz's link.


"This new version of the Ford Edge will be manufactured locally by Changan Ford starting in 2015 and sold through the joint venture’s dealerships. Compared with the global version of the Edge unveiled in June in Detroit, the Edge for China adds a third row of seating and other features “tailored specifically to the needs of customers in China.”"


Changan has partnered with Ford and Mazda in the past.



Blitz - No road trip.

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