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Ford Oil Life Monitor


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OK, I bought my parents '10 Edge SEL it pretty well fully loaded just no sun roof.


My question is, "do these cars have an oil life monitor? Is there a way to know how close its getting to going off?" My mom said she has never seen it come on but she just does 3k oil changes. On all of my GM trucks w/ an oil life monitor I just follow that and it gives the life in a % that you can watch.


Just wondering what fords method of alert is?


Thanks for any help.

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I saw an Engine Oil Pressure warning but not an Engine Oil Life display in the 2010 Owner's Manual. I think your mom is doing a great job! But if using Ford SynBlend, 5K/6months whichever comes first on a normal duty cycle should be fine. Extreme conditions, like repeated stop-n-go in city traffic, 3K/3 months would be better. Aftermarket full-syn oils can last longer.

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I will be using either mobile 1 or amsoil. I will likely do 7500-10,000 intervals pending oil samples.


I will check out the manual, I probably have the original in the car but its easier to ask here. I just assumed if my old gm trucks had a life monitor then the fancy little ford car would have some form of oil change reminder.

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