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2007 memory seat not working

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The memory seat function on my edge does not work at all. I can set the power seats and mirrors. The easy entry works buy following the directions for setting seat positions does nothing. The buttons on the door have no function at all. Is there anyway to test them? Is there fuse or control module I can check? Recently my wife has started driving the edge and its creating a war over seat positions I will certainly loose.

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If disconnecting and reconnecting switches under the driver's seat does not work, replacement of the DSM is the next logical step. That has been the fix on other model lines. I think the part number is 7T4Z-14C708-A.


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Is it possible that the memory seat buttons just are not programmed?


Try setting the drivers seat to an awkward position, say all the way down. Then program the memory seat button number one.

Press the SET control on the driver’s door panel. Within 5 five seconds, press the lock or unlock control on the Integrated keyhead Transmitter and then press the 1 or 2 control on the driver’s door panel which you would like to associate with the seat and Driver 1 or Driver 2 positions.


Then move the seat to a different position, say mid heght and press the memory seat button to see if it takes you back to full down.

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