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replacing brake pads on 2011 ford edge sel

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Wish I could answer your question. I have not had to change out the brakes on my 2011 yet. One note you might want to change the name from using your email address. Just a little privacy FYI.

When attempting to change the rear brake pads on my 2011 ford edge, I found that on the lower caliper bolt there is some device added to the end of the bolt you need to remove to get at the pads. How do I remove this and the bolt holding the caliper in place?

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I don't see anything special in the 2007 FSM, probably the same on the 2011. Is this on the driver side rear caliper setup? That would include the parking/emergency brake function.

  1. Remove the brake caliper flow bolt and position the brake hose aside.
    • Discard the 2 copper washers.
  1. Remove the 2 brake caliper guide bolts and the brake caliper.
    • If a leaking or damaged caliper piston boot is found, install a new disc brake caliper.
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