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2015 Edge Sport - Non Functioning LED Light bar, rattles & leak

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Hi everyone!


I picked up my 2015 Sport on Tuesday and noticed that the LED light bar on the hatch doesn't light up at all (I believe it should be on with the running lights). The dealer said their service department is very busy and can't look at it for 2 weeks. Kind of disappointed that within a couple hours of me buying the car they can't fix a nonfunctioning light. But eh. I'm hoping it just isn't connected versus having to order a whole new light bar. Anybody else have this issue? In the pic I attached here you can see the outside running LED light is on but not the lightbar.


I have a slight rattle from the moonroof when going over bumps. I also have some loud rattles from the cup holder when anything is in it - they aren't terrible but I'm surprised. I usually toss my cell phone in the cup holder but that rattles like crazy with my cell phone in it. I have a rubber case on my phone so it usually doesn't cause noises like that. I'm nitpicky!


Also: my car was built right before the 4/28 date regarding the leaks. I didn't know about the leak issue until I was poking around online about Edges. The dealer said their water leak guy is in on Thursdays so when it is in for the taillight issue he'll verify there are no leaks. Carpet is bone dry and we've had some nasty storms this week so hopefully it won't leak in. I did notice that the carpet above the dead pedal is hanging down a bit like somebody had already pulled it out, I'm thinking since it was a dealer demo they may have checked it first before letting the dealership's owner drive off with it maybe? *fingers crossed*


Other than these issues I love this vehicle! I'm leasing it - I've never leased a vehicle before. The owner and his wife had it as a demo so it had 3,950 miles on it when I took delivery. They gave me a nice discount for the miles on it even though I'll be driving it the same amount for the lease as if I leased one with 0 miles. Even though you've all seen Edges and Sports I put up a pic or two here.


Looking to 3 years of happy motoring!



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