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New 14 Edge Owner and Member


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Hi all, new member here. This is my first Ford, besides my Mum's 1985 Mustang V6 LX when I learned to drive in 88! The past 13 years I've been a Mazda driver. 03 MPV DX for 10 years, 14 CX-5 GT and a 15 Mazda 5, both under year each. I would have gone for a CX-9 but I wasn't truly sold on it. Besides, the base model starts at $36,000 up here.


I was debating AWD vs FWD and also required a true towing package that can handle 3500lbs or more. Some of the SUVs I looked at; Pathfinder, Cherokee, Outlander, Highlander and CX-9. In my price range everything but the Outlander had FWD, unfortunately it was also the weakest engine. The Pathfinder has 4000lbs towing and the Cherokee 4500lbs, just not enough confidence in the brand, especially the Chrysler trannies and CVTs in general.


I searched within the greater city area for a used Edge 14 or less equiped model 15 during the last little while. We drove into a local Ford dealer 2 weeks ago and found a 2014 AWD LTD and the factory tow package with only 126KM (73miles) on it. The savings and mileage made it a no brainer.


2 weeks later the OD is at just over 500KM. Absolutely fantastic ride and more features than I expected, very happy!


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Welcome MetalFab. Nice looking ride. Best of luck with it. I love my '13 Tuxedo Black SEL. I think I actually like the '11 to '14 body style better than the redesigned '15. Looks too Escape-ish.


I agree I prefer the 'old' style as well. Too me the new style looks like a Hyundai Tucson



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