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Vista roof conversion


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Hi everyone, new member here. A few months ago my wife bought an 07 Edge. She now realizes that she misses having a sunroof and really fell in love with the vista roof after driving another. But it was too late, she already owned the one minus the roof.


Question is, is it possible to transplant the vista roof from a donor car? Please don't tell me to trade in or sell present vehicle. I can get a roof at a wrecking yard for $650.00 and all the work would be done on my own. I am capable of doing the work, however would this involve extensive cutting and welding? I have looked at the construction of the vista and it looks like it is made up of an entire assembly that gets spot welded to the roof rail support system. I also realize that I am going to need the headliner and maybe some other trim. Any insight will be greatly appreciated, or if someone can point me in the right direction as where to get some info on this project.


Thanks, Don

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It's a whole different roof system, you'll need to cut out the existing roof bows and it's more than just welded in, there's a structural adhesive that is very important. Even Ford has enough trouble building these things without leaks or squeaks, the chances of you getting it right the first time are virtually nil, no matter how great a fabricator you are.


I second the idea of just trading it in.

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