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Seat Height??? What's yours?

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I just picked up my 2015 Edge Sport after test driving several of them in the area. The one I bought seems to have a higher seat then the other ones I test drove. I'm wondering if something is keeping it from lowering all the way? I am only 5'7" (on a good day), but my head is almost hitting the headliner. I am going to measure the height from the floor to the front of the middle of the seat (between where your legs are, and then stop at another dealer and check, but was wondering what everyone else had? I am coming from a 2013 Sport, and just wondering if those seats were lower maybe?

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i have the vista sunroof, my seat is all the way to the bottom. Im 6 3 and my hair brushes the roof, i think i had more headroom in my vw golf to be honest :(

is your seat centered on your steering wheel.....Ive heard of seats not being properly installed and thus sit higher than usual....I think there was a thread back in May/June about just this issue.

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