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  1. cds71

    Finally got my 2018 Edge Sport!!

    congratulations ......your gonna love it. Ive had mine for almost 3 years and I still love every chance I get to drive it. Makes me feel like a kid again.
  2. cds71

    Coolant loss

    Could be a head gasket as well. How are your operational temps been.....especially when idling for a few minutes?
  3. cds71

    2.0 1/4 mile times

  4. cds71

    2.0 1/4 mile times

    really.....I know of a few people with 2.0t would love to get a tune. I checked out their site, and couldnt find it....any chance you could post a link to the tune purchase.... so I can help out my friends.
  5. cds71

    2.0 1/4 mile times

    Who did the tune on the 2.0? considering the stock numbers from the 2.7tt..... I would say a strong 14sec quarter mile is awesome for a 2.0 t.
  6. Same here........mine would read 0km and i could go another 30km.....(kept a gas can in the back just in case).
  7. Try wd40 ive used it to remove asphalt tar and tree sap from birch and poplar trees....works very slick, and did nothting to the paint.
  8. a tuned 2.7TT is a "monster" compared to the 3.5 and even the 3.7.
  9. would you say the v3 has better lowend performance.....say zero to sixty? Thanks for all your hard work testing and posting it here for all of us to learn from your experience.
  10. cds71

    2017 Ford Edge Sport Gas Mileage

    Sorry didnt see your reply: Here is a pic getting 30mpg on a road trip to Calgary.
  11. cds71

    Trans Mount Install (RMM)

    is there any chance that it could be too rigid?,,,,possibly causing case fracture...does the aftermarket have bushings?
  12. cds71

    Trans Mount Install (RMM)

    nice....def on my list to get......thanks GT500R.
  13. cds71

    Intercooler - Sport

    have to be a pretty mild injection then? would be good to get a fairly accurate est on what your octane will be with the injection.
  14. cds71

    Intercooler - Sport

    I think that would be a slick way to drop temps....Would that be difficult to tune for...via LMS?