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  1. cds71

    Turbo flutter noise

    What.....20 year olds kill for that blow off/vent to atmosphere sound.
  2. ....I just remembered...many of the 2015 edge sports that came off the assembly line( from febuary to may 2015) had catastrophic water damage.....and those models were sold off to rental car businesses. So make sure your not getting a water damage vehicle. ....I know....cause I had one...and it was replaced by ford in September of that year....just FYI
  3. being it was a rental.....I would be cautious. Sports are pretty fast and fun to drive. I could see renters driving it like they stole it! ....just my .02 cents worth
  4. cds71

    New Driver Mods wanted

    I put an xpel clear bra on the front, mirrors and side rocker panels.
  5. cds71

    New 2016 Edge Sport owner

    sounds well deserved....Welcome to the forum. My wife and I love our 2015 edge sport....and we have just over 220,000 km on it.
  6. cds71

    New 2016 Edge Sport owner

    Great looking sport. Your son is pretty lucky if this is his first vehicle. I hope he doesn't have a heavy foot.
  7. cds71

    Next Gen Edge

    Nasty.....worst looking suv ive ever seen....makes Juke look like a Maclaren P1.
  8. cds71

    EcoBoost Tuning

    Interesting....well I learned something today....Thanks Guys.
  9. cds71

    EcoBoost Tuning

    I didnt realize that the ST had a 2.0eb.....is that Europe?
  10. cds71

    2020 ST snow/ice

    winter tires are 1000x times better than summer performance tires (winter ice and snow).....its not even a debate.
  11. cds71

    2020 ST snow/ice

    winter tires are 10x better than all season with the edge. Have used bridgestone blizzak dm-v2 and goodyear ultra grip ice. Both were amazing in winter performance. The goodyears seem to last one year longer than bridgestones.
  12. cds71

    Overheating at Motorway speed

    ....any loss of coolant?
  13. cds71

    570 Wheel HP!

    is the 3.0 both port and direct injection?
  14. cds71

    HPTuners on 2020 Edge ST

    are you an experienced tuner?
  15. cds71

    So I bought an Edge

    Welcome.....how do you like the sport so far?