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  1. Bingo.....both are great floor mats.
  2. I was just going by the rear tail light and light bar....and the trapezoid exhaust tips....and gear shift. Thats to bad you guys did not get the 2.7tt....I love mine. Has the 2.7tt made it into any ford vehicles in Europe.
  3. looks like a 2018 edge sport.....nice!
  4. cds71

    2016 Edge Sport - My Build

    sweet looking edge sport! 👍👍👍
  5. cds71

    New edge owner/DSM guy

    I too had a 1991 laser rs turbo...(one of the dsm 3)....with hks intake, wastegate, and exhaust. Crazy torque steer....fun car to drive. But my 2015 edge sport with lms 93 aggressive would destroy my laser!
  6. cds71

    New edge owner/DSM guy

    with 2015 models....make sure you didnt get a water logged edge. I could see that causing all kinds of electrical/computer anomalies.
  7. cds71

    So... the SPORT is faster than ST

    if you ever drove a 2015 sport with 93 LMS tune......then drove your ST.....youd swear there was a 500 lbs boat anchor on your st's hitch.
  8. cds71

    So... the SPORT is faster than ST

    Ive got 2015 sport as well......I love that suv.....with the LMS 93 aggressive tune!
  9. cds71

    So... the SPORT is faster than ST

    I think where you see the biggest diff is the sport with a tune...compared to the st with similar tune....then the gap gets a lil bigger.
  10. cds71

    E85 ? Yes please!

    I run the LMS 93 tune with 94.....when I have it detuned for the wife....I use the LMS performance 87 tune....and 87 costco gas.
  11. cds71

    E85 ? Yes please!

    i run 94 in canada all the time(husky and petroC).....have yet to see any e85.
  12. 4 years......just replaced it last February.
  13. could be a corrupt usb stick..... had one that did something very similar.
  14. cds71

    New 2017 Sport owner

    My wife and I still love our 2015 sport....even with (120000km). The egde sport must feel like a rocket compared to the crv. Welcome to the forum. Would like to see a pic.
  15. cds71

    Mustang Mach-E First Edition Reservation Facts

    any vehicle that can do a mid 3 sec 0-60....can be called whatever the hell they want. I personally am very interested......but I certainly will not buy it in the first 2 years.