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  1. cds71

    So... the SPORT is faster than ST

    if you ever drove a 2015 sport with 93 LMS tune......then drove your ST.....youd swear there was a 500 lbs boat anchor on your st's hitch.
  2. cds71

    So... the SPORT is faster than ST

    Ive got 2015 sport as well......I love that suv.....with the LMS 93 aggressive tune!
  3. cds71

    So... the SPORT is faster than ST

    I think where you see the biggest diff is the sport with a tune...compared to the st with similar tune....then the gap gets a lil bigger.
  4. cds71

    E85 ? Yes please!

    I run the LMS 93 tune with 94.....when I have it detuned for the wife....I use the LMS performance 87 tune....and 87 costco gas.
  5. cds71

    E85 ? Yes please!

    i run 94 in canada all the time(husky and petroC).....have yet to see any e85.
  6. 4 years......just replaced it last February.
  7. could be a corrupt usb stick..... had one that did something very similar.
  8. cds71

    New 2017 Sport owner

    My wife and I still love our 2015 sport....even with (120000km). The egde sport must feel like a rocket compared to the crv. Welcome to the forum. Would like to see a pic.
  9. cds71

    Mustang Mach-E First Edition Reservation Facts

    any vehicle that can do a mid 3 sec 0-60....can be called whatever the hell they want. I personally am very interested......but I certainly will not buy it in the first 2 years.
  10. cds71

    gas tank capacity at empty

    I have tested it as well....and at 0 km to go, I was able to go another 44 kms.
  11. cds71

    The Mustang Mach-E is a sellout!

    Ive always liked the x6M..... and I love the mach-E resemblance to the BMW.
  12. cds71

    The Mustang Mach-E is a sellout!

    I like the looks of it.....reminds me of the x6M. who can argue with 0 to 60 in 3 seconds.
  13. yup.....Id be taking that unit back! Someone or some robot was sleeping on the day that unit was built.
  14. Ive been in 18 inches of snow and havent had any problems....even on bad gravel roads and 2 to 3 foot snow drifts. And I have a sport. I have blizzak DMV2 on. Im at a loss on how that panel came off? I have over 100k on my edge and nothing like that has ever happend. My edge has been immaculate.
  15. cds71

    Edge ST features & improvements over Edge Sport

    Proof the st is just direct injected: media documents for engine specifications:
  16. cds71

    Edge ST features & improvements over Edge Sport

    You will notice that it states...was introduced to the f150....no other vehicles are mentioned.
  17. cds71

    New 2019 Edge ST owner

    I have the same winter tires on our 2015 sport.....very very pleased with their winter performance....going on our 4 th winter with em. Welcome to the forum.
  18. cds71

    Edge ST features & improvements over Edge Sport

    The article does not state that the 2.7 was the gen 2 update......only it was like the f150 2.7. A gen 2 version would be a huge selling point and ford completely left that information out of the sales marketing for the ST. So I think the article is miss-leading. I have yet to read anywhere about the gen2 update for the edge.
  19. cds71

    Livernois turbo jitter

    Yup .....Ive felt that before! Not sure what it is, but I learned to just live with it. I found it to almost go away in drive mode. It seems to be more frequent in sport mode.
  20. cds71

    Livernois turbo jitter

    does it feel like a subtle surge....very minor but still can be felt slightly?
  21. cds71

    Power difference with 87 vs 93 octane

    In my stock 2015 edge sport.....(no tune)...I did not notice any difference in power or fuel economy when comparing 87 to 94. It wasnt until I used the LMS tune did the higher octane gas make any difference....but then each tune is designed around a specific octane.
  22. cds71

    New Edge Owner

    Hi JoeBezy..... Great to hear from fellow sport owners. I too own and drive a 2015 edge sport. I found once I installed the lms tune that my edge was even quicker than most current mustang GTs from light to light(street)...even at the track my edge could out perform stock mustang GTs to the 1/8th mile. In short, the edge has huge potential to fill that need for speed and family demands.....I still cant wait to drive my edge day to day....it gives me my addrenaline fix for the day.
  23. Your wont be disappointed.....my 0 to 60 went from 5.9(STOCK tune) sec to 4.6. with the 93 v2 aggressive tune.
  24. cds71

    Oil consumption - 2016 Sport

    First 2.7 tt that ive heard having any internal issues? Your 2.7tt stock should destroy the 1.5 t. With the tune, your 2.7tt should be a rocket compared to the escape....something is very very very wrong.
  25. cds71

    New 2018 Edge Sport owner saying hi!

    stay away from the lms tunes.....they instantly give you heavy foot syndrome! NOt to mention the symtoms are light to light races with wrx's and SRT's.