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Aftermarket HID lifespan

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I have a 2.5 year old HID conversion kit in my Edge and I just lost a lamp tonight. Just curious as to what the expected lifespan of HID lamps would be.


Do the lamps dim over time before dying out like incandescent lamps do or is it full power til death?


Since one lamp is out, should I replace both at the same time?



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Have you verified it is just the bulb? Which brand did you get?


Typically, I have seen them just die (or occasionally flicker just prior). It's usually filament based bulbs (incandescent, "xenon", etc.) that dim and then die.


You always want to replace in pairs to avoid a slight mismatch in color/temp from old > new bulb. You can always keep the old bulb as an emergency "spare".


2.5 years is not uncommon, especially for aftermarket. I've had some last 2 years. My wife's TRS bulbs (being powered by DDM ballasts) are still running strong at almost 5 years.

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I'll check connections. Maybe even redo the dielectric grease on them to make sure they are good.


Luckily I have a complete spare kit including ballasts so I'm good either way. The ballasts fit so perfectly in the OEM locations I bought a spare set in case the model I had got discontinued.

I'd just throw one of your new ballasts in there and see if that takes care of the problem first. Smart move buying two kits!!! Did you pay the extra $20.00 for their lifetime warranty???

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