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Cup holder ambient lighting

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I'm posting here, because there is hardly any activity in the Lincoln Forum. Got my wife a '15 MKS back in June, love the car, but noticed one problem. The ambient lighting in the car seems to be working fine EXEPT in the cupholders in the console. The light is very dim. After I noticed it, I did stop back at the dealership, and showed it to my salesman. He said it did illuminate, but he didn't have another '15 MKS to compare it to. He had to stick a piece of paper in the cupholder area to see that there is some light in it. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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The MKX/Edge with ambient lighting do illuminate quite bright. I'd say similar to the other areas that illuminated by the ambient lights.


But note that what works on the MKX/Edge doesn't necessarily mean it is the same for the MKS. It would be better to find another MKS & check it out.

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