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2015 Ford Edge Oil Changes


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Just wanted to know at what mileage everybody is changing their oil/filter in their Edge. I just had an oil change done (full synthetic) and the dealership put my next visit in 8,000 km or 5 months. Correct me if I am wrong, from what I got from the owners manual, oil changes are done when the vehicle reaches up to 16,000 km driven.


Shouldnt the dealership be following the vehicles owner's manual or at least close to it?, or do they just estimate based on other criteria

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Follow the owner's manual. See if your driving style/conditions meet the NORMAL or SEVEREDUTY definitions, and then use that interval as guide.


Or if you don't mind variability, you can use the Intelligent Oil Life Monitor function to tell you when the oil needs changing. Be sure to reset it once the oil change is complete. The servicing shop may or may not do it for you.


Pg 455 of the manual:

Your vehicle is equipped with the
Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor system, which
displays a message in the information
display at the proper oil change interval.
This interval may be up to one year or
10000 miles (16000 kilometers).


When the oil change message appears in
the information display, it is time for an oil
change. Make sure you perform the oil
change within two weeks or 500 miles
(800 kilometers) of the message
appearing. Make sure you reset the
Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor after each oil
change. See Oil Change Indicator Reset
(page 263).

If your information display resets
prematurely or becomes inoperative, you
should perform the oil change interval at
six months or 5000 miles (8000
kilometers) from your last oil change.
Never exceed one year or 10000 miles
(16000 kilometers) between oil change

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