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My Ford Edge may be laid to rest...


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Well folks...I was involved in an accident. My 2011 Ford Edge Limited may be laid to rest. I'll find out sometime next week if they will fix it or total it.


I was in the East Bound lanes, driving straight, and going about 30 mph approaching an intersection. There was a huge box truck stopped in the middle of the intersection in the lane next to me, facing the same direction as I was, waiting for traffic to clear so he could turn left. Due to the truck I couldn't see any of the West Bound traffic and the people going west couldn't see anything in the lane I was in. As I passed through the intersection some kid in a Subaru, that was going the opposite direction that I was, popped out of nowhere in front of me because he tried to make a left into an Apartment complex. Did my best to miss him but it was pretty much unavoidable. Told the Police and I on scene he couldn't see if traffic was clear and stated, and I quote, "I just went for it".


I looked up the value of my vehicle which has 55k on it and then tried to guesstimate the damage and how much its going to cost. It's going to be a REAL close call if they fix it or total it out. I hope they fix it. I just paid the thing at the start of the year! And we all know if its totaled I'll never get the real value of it back. And aside from the door ajar issue, which I finally fixed, this has been my favorite vehicle I've ever owned. Driven this thing to Flordia and Lousiana several times back and forth comfortably.


So I took off the side weathertech rain guards and snapped a few photos of what could be my last time with my vehicle. Also have a picture of the Subaru that viciously attacked my Ford Edge. Wish me luck!



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Wow, that's a really hard way to permafix the DOOR AJAR sensor!


Really sorry to see this happen to your ride, and hope you don't have any serious injuries or lingering stuff from this incident. Keep us in the loop with what's going on!


EDIT: If they total it, push the insurance company for replacement value compensation.

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