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Acid in 2007 Ford Edge Fuel Tank


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I have a 2007 Ford Edge SE and some bad minded person put acid in my gas tank. I don't know what kind of acid. I have replaced fuel pump and fuel injectors. I have also cleaned out the tank. It runs well but the only problem I have is the tank coating was burn't off by the acid. Can I repair the tank by using a sealer or is it my best bet to replace the tank?

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Possibly mothballs. With the newer type of mothballs, made from parsdichlorobenzene, the clorine in it will create hydrochlorice acid when combusted. Don't know if it can convert chemical with the alcohol in gasolibe to acid, but might be possible. (The old type of mothballs was safe in gas engines, and was sometimes used to boost octane.)


As fast as the tank is concerned, it's only a matter of time, I agree, change the tank. Impossible to tell how badly it etched the steel, especially the connections with welded joints.


Best buy a locking gas cap. Punks may wait for you to repair the car only to do it to you again as their firm of fun.

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  • a fuel pump (FP) module containing:
    • the electric FP module, which provides pressurized fuel to the fuel rail.
    • the fuel level sensor.
    • a check valve, which maintains system pressure after the FP module is shut off.
    • a pressure relief valve for overpressure protection in the event of restricted fuel flow.
    • an in-tank fuel filter providing filtration to protect the fuel injectors from foreign material.



Item Part Number Description

1 W705909 Fuel pump (FP) module access cover retainer screw (4 required)

2 9C355 FP module access cover

3 9C385 FP module lock ring

4 9H307 FP module

5 9276 FP module O-ring

6 — FP module electrical connector (part of 14407)

7 — Fuel supply tube quick connect coupling (part of 9324)

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I suppose you could ADD an inline filter :) like they sometimes do for the power steering fluid ...

Now you are making work for me....


Spending too much time and money on LED bulbs. Need to get a new HVAC blower, liftback struts, mudflaps before I worry more about some stupid bulbs.


Then again, that's peanuts compared to what Mckenzie has to worry about.

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