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What color is my interior?

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I know my interior is Medium Light Stone. So Im assuming my tan leather seats are medium light stone and the darker parts(dash, doors etc) are dark stone? Does anyone know? Ive checked part numbers for both and fords part sites just say "stone" for both the lighter parts and the darker parts. I'm ordering some color bond leather and vinyl colorant.


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My 07 has medium light stone with some kind of gray/brown trim. If you find out please post the color.

Color Bond is a great product. I did my steering wheel and some touchup on the dash and armrest a year ago and they still look new. I would like to get the dark color to touch up my drivers door, it has some minor scratching that is annoying.

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Paul i think I recommended Colorbond to you back last year. Used it a few years back to fix my Escapes steering wheel, console and seats.


So here is the deal. The 2007-2010 Edge with medium light stone is as follows: Seat surface is the named color from your VIN, Medium Light Stone. Darker door and dash trim is supposedly Graystone. 2011-2014 Edge is Medium Light Stone seat surface and the darker door and dash trim is Agate. I do know that 2011 had the medium light stone carpet(light color) while 2012-2014 has the Agate carpet (dark color).


Well I contacted Colorbond and they said they don't have Agate for Ford because they only make colors that Ford has requested and they may have it in the future.


I have a few cans of Colorbond Ford medium flint, ford black, and dark flint from my two tone Escape and noticed that the Dark Flint is pretty much a perfect match for the Agate trim.


I'm also curious how close the Graystone is to the Agate and if Ford just changed the name?

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