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My Ford Touch Issues?

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I'm late to the game of Ford, sorry If this has been discussed before.


What are the issues with MFT?

Are the issues STILL there with the latest upgrade?


I've seen some videos of it freezing and not resetting. Some folks had problems with the phone not connecting.


Those of you in 2015 Edge's .... are you having issues?



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No I don't have any problems.


MFT is a computer. If you have ever used a computer, you'll know sometimes things don't work as you want them to.


Seriously man you are worrying way too much and keep making threads about the same exact thing: "Quality of the Ford Edge". Not trying to be an a-hole, but you could probably keep it to one thread where we'll gladly answer all of your questions.

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Also, a quick search will bring up all the posts on topics that concern you. It's a bummer for new forum members given the relatively poor functionality of the forum search engine, but, yes, most of your queries have been discussed.


Another way to narrow searches is searching via Google instead.

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Whoah, wait a moment guys. Let me stop the dogpile before more continue.


In my Defense, I've never started a topic on MyFord Touch, first of all.

I started a thread bout OVERALL ford quality which could, in theory, touch on MFT but also address many other things . I wanted answers drilled down specifically to MFT. I have joined many forums before for many different things. I did not want to hijack my own thread as I wanted specific answers to MFT and not a mixed bag of replies to leaky floors, stopping cars and what not.


My bad on not searching. But when I do search 'MyFord Touch' it returns threads that are titled "What did you do with your Edge today?". Yeah, not what I was searching for.


Forgive me guys for doing my research and being hyper sensitive certain things. I drive a mazda that had a rough road of a Infotainment system. I simply was looking for speifics as up to date as I could. I have now discovered a sub forum that talks about these things. As for searching google....all I get are car and driver reports mocking how fooking bad MFT is.....yeah, not so helpful.


When in rome....I guess.


I'll just post my concerns on other threads. Hopefully no one will flip out and accuse me of hijacking.

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No worries man. I think your thread you started about long term quality is a great place to cover all of these topics. I can already tell it will be a heavily traveled topic. It is your thread, so no worries about hijacking...it is yours to ask about issues on the Edge.


For me, when I see a new post has been made in a thread since I've last visited it, I will always pop in to see the updates. Even if the title is something I'm not interested in, I know sometimes other questions/answers can be found in there.



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