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MAP Sensor Location (or whatever they call it these days)


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2013 Ford Edge Limited with 2.0 Ecoboost.


so im used to MAF sensors, but from what I can tell Ford has been using MAP sensors as of late on their vehicles.


im wondering if anyone has ever cleaned theirs and if so where it is located?


I see a sensor on the airbox just after the air filters, this looks like it measures some form of air flow but I don't think this is the only Sensor, I would think there would be one right before the Throttle Body (which I assume is on the backside of the motor in our cars). can anyone give me any information on this as I would like to clean these sensors with MAF sensor cleaner.



reason being is that I am seeing pretty poor MPG, for example I took about a 200 mile road trip 90% hwy and averaged 21mpg in a 2.0 ecoboost 2013 Edge.

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The MAP sensor is right after the air filter box, as you noticed.



I don't think this is a major cause of the problem with mpg, unless you use an oiled air filter. Even so, I would be looking at other reasons, like dirty fuel injectors, faulty oxygen sensors & worn spark plugs first.


Aside: found this fun read from FullRace on the 2.0 Ecoboost engine:


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thanks guys, its got 62k miles. Bought it with 55k at which time I replaced the plugs (gapped at 34) and the air filter. I use Motorcraft syn blend 5w30 oil.


when I pulled the plugs they looked fine, I didn't know this ecoboost had a PCV valve that could be replaced? if so can anyone link me info or tell me where I can find it on the motor?


as for the injectors, im afraid to put any kind of Additive in the fuel since its direct injection. do yall have something you can recommend for this motor and cleaning the injectors?

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Don't use FI cleaners more often than specified by the product's mfr, but Techron and BG 44K are two that people have successfully used in DI motors. Won't clean the backside of the intake valves, that will happen with an induction cleaning/methanol injection/manual scrubbing.


I don't believe there is a PCV valve as such on the 2.0L EB. I looked through the FordParts.com website and didn't see an arrangement like that. There IS a crankcase breather hose, but that's about it. Most of the PCV problems with the EB engines arise from the baffle design inside the valve covers, at least that's how Ford addresses them. You can see the emissions related part numbers listed here:



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Do not forget that the fuel manufacturers have lowered the quality of fuel for the winter by adding more butane which causes lower mileage results. I have noticed an added bump by using a higher octane. Were you driving on 87 oct fuel? Also use a Top Tier fuel as I have experienced better mileage when using Top Tier rather than the cheapest stuff I can find.

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Ok cool thanks guys thats what i thought on the PCV.


Its my GF's car and she has been getting 87 from the shell down the road. Ive been telling her to get the 93 but she is stubborn ha. I was thinking about using the redline fuel system cleaner, but i may just make her run shell vpower 93 for a month or two and see what happens.

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