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New 2015 Sport owner


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I just picked up a new 2015 Edge sport with all the fix'ins this Saturday. I traded in a 2012 Dodge Charger R/T Max 2wd. I'm pretty happy with the car but I'm wondering if I should have waited for the '16s. I got 7k off MSRP on this one so It was a good deal.... if the 2016 isn't significantly better.


I'm missing a few feachers that the Charger had though. Lumbar in the Charger was adjustable up and down as well as inflating. The pedals were adjustable and they would save in the memory settings. The outside mirrors could be set up to tilt down in reverse. Last and most important the Charger had a heated steering wheel that would turn on with remote start if temps were below 40deg. These are all minor issues. The heated wheel is the only real thing I will miss.


Bonus' to the Edge are the AWD of course. The Edge is MUCH quieter and smoother riding. The suspension feels a little stiffer but seems to soak up the bumps better. It feels like it gets to 60 just as fast as the Charger with out the drama of traction nannies kicking in. It was real annoying when you would give it just a little too much gas in the rain pulling out into traffic and the computer would cut power. I the in interior is roomier and nicer. My Touch is more intimidating but manageable when you get to know it. The Dodge system with the 8.3 screen and intuitive controls is a real segment leader.


Over all the the Edge feels more solid and a quality upgrade. I could do without the gianormus sun roof though.

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