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Anyone installed this remote start?

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no it does not.that unit has to be wired in under the drivers dash

thanks gary712, got it installed. have an issue with my alarm going off for no reason and when i tried to start with remote start it would give me a 3 honk door open. i have my alarm in valet mode right now.just havnt had time to mess with it. not sure if it was the interior leds staying on very dim after the vehicle was armed or what but havnt nailed down the exact reason as of yet.

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How long did it take to install and how difficult was it?


it took me about 2 hrs.it definately isnt difficult..if you have a multi meter and are able to see colors then you will have no problems...my edge had a ford oem alarm system installed i assume at the dealership when it was purchased by the original owner. so all the same leads i needed to find in the driver kick panel had already been found and tapped with t taps. i had dealership print me out the install instructions its pretty much the same as any aftermarket remote start install.definately not plug n play.still have an issue with it not really being compatable with the oem alarm that was installed...even though they are both manufactured by THE SAME PEOPLE!! i was able to get the number to a guy named greg that is a tech at the manufacturer. he was cool enough to give me his cell number and said to call him with any questions which was very nice. i actually have my alarm in valet mode right now until i figure out why it is conflicting with the remote start. i would set my alarm and it will randomly go off and when alarm is armed the remote start fails giving me three honks which means it senses a door open. thinking it may be the led interior lights. they stay dimly lit and i think the remote start thinks there is a door open. anyway...the range is good so far on the remote start,but if i had known this install was the exact same as an aftermarket unit i may have purchased a different one. are you looking at getting this unit enigma-2?


oh...and this unit does not need to be programmed at the dealer..i was able to find the programming instructions online and did it myself. funny,the guy at my ford dealer insisted it had to be done at the dealership and it would cost me 50 bucks.

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