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TSS AND OSS verification.


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my wife has a 2008 edge SEL and has had intermittent issues for over a year that she was not able to describe. Today she took a picture and I researched I have found has lead me to believe the TSS AND OSS are on there way out. She has a trip planned to visit her folks next week and is starting to worry about the trip. She has made several trips over the past year with no problems, nor worries.


I have found a manual to replace these sensors on this site and it is labeled for the 2007. Does anyone know if this is the correct steps for the 2008 as well?




Attached is the picture of her dash when the issue happens. When the problem happens she notices no acceleration as the vehicle is in neutral. And the problem corrects itself once placed in park and the vehicle is restarted.


I am working the fire house today and thought I would tackle the process tomorrow since I'm off work.



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Sad thing is those sensors do not throw codes until they fail completely and with bad luck you wife would end up on the side of the road with a 700 dollar repair. Better to replace them, but also keep in mind in some aspects you will need Ford programming I believe to refresh the new sensors to acknowledge the replacements to the PCM or some thing like that. I understand this is not just a parts swapping job. But then again maybe the Ford dealer lied to me to get the work. Check and be diligent.

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I called ford today and they said stop by tomorrow. A mechanic got on the phone and asked if I could come in, in person and he said they might be able to help, no promises, since we brought the car to them in the warranty period for a transmission related issue. I believe it was a leak. I'll know more tomorrow after shift. Thanks for the replies.

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Ok I came home today and did the sensor swap. I forgot to put the car in neutral per directions before I disconnected the battery and it wouldn't go into neutral. So I used the override next to the shifter did the swap. Now my linkages are off. I have park, neutral, neutral and then reverse again. Anyone know the trick to resetting the linkages at the shifter? I did not touch the linkages at the transmission during the install, also when I removed the spring loaded lever near the valve body, I made sure I lined it up appropriately.

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So... I just did ours and I also didn't put it in neutral. I now have park, reverse, neutral, reverse, reverse. Was there a simple fix to this as I'm pretty sure there wasn't a push rod that I had unhooked? Only the parking paw tension lever. (I made sure that went back together in the same position) Any advice on your fix would be greatly appreciated!


I found the problem and I'm fixed. There is a connector/push rod that I forgot to connect. So I had to take the whole thing back apart and reassemble.

Test drive was fine. Hopefully it doesn't throw that stupid code again. It will likely be for sale soon.

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