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2016 model year - Edge Sport vs. Lexus RX350 vs. Nissan Murano

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I've started looking to replace my Cadillac 2010 SRX w/performance package, and have been looking at the three following models. Here's my very initial impressions (have not gone for test drives yet). I spend a lot of time in traffic, so I enjoy a comfortable vehicle, with good seats, great nav/entertainment integration, and smooth ride.


Curious what others have considered? (understanding that I'm on a Ford Edge forum - ie. how these choices compare to a 2015/2016 Edge Sport).




2016 Edge Sport

  • Like overall style, not as extreme as '16 RX
  • Will it be reliable like the Lexus?
  • Have never owned a Ford, will it hold re-sale value in 4 years?
  • Excited to hear CarPlay will be option in the 2016, future upgrade (will it happen anytime soon?)


2016 Lexus RX350

  • Front grill too large?
  • Nice 12.3" slim LCD navigation screen
  • Premium car, but worth the premium vs. Ford Edge Sport?
  • No CarPlay


2016 Nissan Murano

  • Last time I rented a Nissan, interior felt cheap, and very plastic
  • Engine performance vs. Edge Sport or RX
  • Reliability?
  • No CarPlay.
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Edge is probably not as reliable as the Lexus in terms of specific problems. There are no long term issues like developing lots of rattles or things falling apart, but there have been a few problems on the previous gen that may or may not carry over.


PTU - only for AWD versions. Can be mitigated with fluid changes.

Door latch sensor - probably not an issue with the 2016 due to the platform change but not 100% sure yet


2015+ Edge issues:

water leaks - improper sealing from the factory. Supposedly fixed now.

stalling - only affects a couple of vehicles so far (as reported here)


Resale should not be drastically different if you take into account the discounted purchase price. Most Edges can be bought for just above invoice plus some rebates making the purchase price lower than MSRP by a good bit normally.


Ford service depends mostly on your local dealer - hit or miss. Lincoln MKX has a more Lexus like warranty and services but again it's hit or miss depending on the local dealer.


As for the Lexus grill, I'll just leave you with this picture. Warning - once you see it you will not be able to unsee it.



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Lexus has their share of problems, you can browse their user forums and see for yourself. But the difference is in how they treat their customers. I think Ford overall has a pretty good product, and although opinions vary, at least take a look through Ford's ESP warranties to see if you might be interested. I would suggest the same whether you are buying a Lexus, a Mercedes, or a Ferrari :)

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