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Any California tuned cars out there?


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I have a 2010 California-shipped 3.5 v6 Edge.


I'm thinking of getting a standard SCT Tuner for it, but they will not ship it to California.


I can get it shipped to an out-of-state address and then fetch it from there, but I still have concerns.


Meaning, is there part of our vehicles' VIN that indicates it was a made-for-California vehicle?


If so, will the SCT Tuner detect that VIN indicator and not work therefore?


I just hate like hell to pay near $400 for a damned part that probably costs $25 to manufacture and then have the thing not work.


Please reply.


Thank you.

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I'm replying to my own post. Got the sct4 tuner and installed the default tune into my California vehicle with no ill effects. I need to tweak it because the default tune only seems to fool the TPS and quicken/stiffen the upshifts in normal and full throttle driving. At this point, I don't feel any hp increase, and the fooled TPS makes you think the torque increased during normal driving, but full-throttle runs tells you otherwise. I'll reserve judgment until I exhaust all my tuning options. I think the device is not as friendly as it could be, but that's just my opinion. Others may think otherwise.

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More findings... Sct4 is user-friendly once u get used to it; Waldo is exactly right - the stock tune is optimized for 87-octane; I think 87-octane in CA is about 86-octane. I say this because the 87-octane tune seems slightly better with 89 pump octane. Meaning, I think what sells her as 89 is really 88 - total guess; The 91-octane tune with CA 91-octane pump gas is nice. Clear boost over the 87 octane tune; I'd guess if sman83 ran 89 octane CA gas, it would be just as good with his factory tune; about 1/2 of an mpg gain with 91-octane tune.


I may now go back and tinker with my intake some more. Maybe with the tune, I can get more out of it.

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