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Sunroof Shade Motor problem

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I am posting this question because I have not seen this issue discussed anywhere else.


A friend of mine has a 2013 Ford EDGE with the Vista sunroof. They told me that it had stopped working and asked if I would take a look at it. When I activated the sunroof, both shades went all the way to the rear and then as the window went to tilt there was an instant popping sound coming from the rear area where the motors are located. The sunroof would barely tilt and not go any farther at all. At first, I assumed it was the motor for the glass and something was binding, causing it to struggle.

I dropped the rear of the headliner just enough that I could reach the motors, and to my surprise, it was the shade motor that was popping. I unplugged the shade motor and the sunroof worked fine and would go from front to back just as it was supposed to.


Everything worked as it was supposed to with the shade motor unplugged except of course for the shade closing.

Has anyone else had this problem? I haven't yet located a wiring diagram to see what all is in the circuit. Is there a switch or something that tells it when the shade is all the way back so that this motor doesn't continue to run?


Like I said, if you unplug the shade motor, the sunroof works fine, but as soon as you plug the shade motor back in, the sunroof will barely perform the til and will definitely not slide back. The shades do open and close just fine by their self though.


They said this began when the vehicle was barely 3 years old, but it was out of warranty and the dealer told them that the entire assembly had to be replaced costing over $2500. They said the track was bad, but I cannot find anything wrong with the track at all. It doesn't appear that the dealer done any troubleshooting and just gave them a blanket statement, that it all needed to be replaced, but I was not there and do not know for certain.


Any Ideas?

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Check out this video by MACT.


He goes into cleaning and lubing the rails etc. It might or might not shed some light on your issue. At the very minimum you can beat the dealer price by doing some maintenance.




If its just the motor that's causing issues perhaps you will have to drop the headliner and replace the motor.


I don't know if this speaks to your issue , but you may find it helpful.




Hopefully someone with some hands on experience can help you.

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