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Removing Roof Rails and Antenna Delete

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Is there a part number for replacing the trim after I remove the Roof Side Rails? Is there something I must Do to Prevent Leaking after taking off the Rails? How to fill in the holes etc?


Also...I want to shorten or Delete the Antenna at the Front of my Roof b/c it sticks up like a foot...What is the Best way to do this? I want to make sure FM Radio will still work and Prefer the Nav and Sirus Radio to work too...Can I just Cut it and Cap it?


Thanks Folks!!!

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As WWWPerfA_ZN0W said .. stubby antenna. But be warned, I've noticed a drop in signal strength since I installed mine. If you have a station that was not rock solid clear before, it'll be staticy now. If it was sketchy before, it'll be unusable now.


Satellite's antenna IIRC is in the dash just under the surface. So nothing to do with the shark fin up on top ahead of the moon roof. (if you have one)

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