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Methanol Kit


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Thinking about doing a methanol kit for performance and further preventative maintanence. Any thoughts? Do I have to get a tuner or something else to data log for the methanol kits or can they work on there own?


Unleashed tuning has several available for the fusion sport stages 1, 2, and 3 for increasing price levels. Is the other stages really worth the extra money?



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Did you ever do this? Also second the alky kit I have alky on my truck and RS. Its the only kit that allows you to run straight meth withou any damage to the system. Its a bit more pricey but comes with everything you need.

You can run it without a tune but you will see very little if not less performance. I have a 93 tune with mine I run for towing and it still sprays meth when I hit the correct boost level. All it does is wash the valves and cools thing a bit. But if tuned it makes a monster out of your car. Adds just as much or more hp gains as the tune alone. Its also very good for the engine. I have 160,000 on my truck and Im not easy on it. No turbo seal leaks no carbon build up on valves. Nothing at all.

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