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Could be a glitch. Couple of things you could try.


First try resetting the PCM by disconnecting the positive battery cable for a few minutes. Then reconnect the cable and make certain the connections are tight and clean.


If that doesn't work, try resetting the factory alarm (which has a kill switch as part of the system). Open driver's door and leave it open. Insert your key & turn to "ON" (not "RUN"). Leave it in the "ON" position for 10 minutes. Then turn the key off. Close driver's door and then try to start the car. This will reset the anti theft device.

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Also check your hood sensor. Unlikely but a pot hole and or bump may have jostled it loose. It happened to me once and only once on my 2013. Popped the hood checked the hood sensor, battery terminals and fuses. Closed the hood and the remote start worked....


Maybe she just wants your attention. Good luck!

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